Qualcomm – Corporate Blog Post

As Qualcomm diversifies its wireless technology beyond smartphones, the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a growing role. venTAJA has conducted interviews and worked on posts for the corporate OnQ Blog aimed at developers, employees and the company’s public audience to highlight new products and technologies in IoT.

Industrial IoT featuring a Smart Wine Demo

Qualcomm – Employee Communications

For Qualcomm’s Employee Communications group, venTAJA has conducted interviews and written technical articles highlighting innovative technologies evolving in different business units. Topics include mobile commerce, product launches, spectrum usage, wireless technology in healthcare and corporate R&D projects.

The One with the Coolest Toy WinsNew Kids on the Wireless Block

Qualcomm Developer Network – Blog Posts, White Papers, Case Studies and Newsletter Articles

Qualcomm engages its growing software developer network with a steady program of technology content marketing. The QDevNet marketing team has taken advantage of John White’s familiarity with mobile platform and wireless technologies for blog posts, white papers, case studies and newsletter articles that address the main concerns of mobile app developers: how to use the tools, how to optimize apps and how to make money.

“Heterogeneous Computing Made Simpler” • “When Mobile Apps Use Too Much Power” White Paper Qualcomm-MaxD Case Study Qualcomm Developer Network Blog (selected posts)