Qualcomm — Corporate Blog Posts

In launching its offerings for the connected car, Qualcomm engaged venTAJA to draft content coinciding with a roll-out at Mobile World Congress (MWC). The article and blog posts focused on individual technologies like C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-vehicle communication) and on the macro-effects of connected, autonomous cars.

Changing an industry. Changing how we drive.When Your Car Sees More Than You Can (English version)(German version)

Qualcomm – Blog Posts

As Qualcomm diversifies its wireless technology beyond smartphones, the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a growing role. venTAJA has conducted interviews and worked on blog posts aimed at developers, employees and the company’s public audience to highlight new products and technologies in IoT.

Industrial IoT featuring a Smart Wine DemoEdge Computing for IoTGetting to the Internet of Things

Qualcomm — White Papers

To promote its research and development in wireless technologies, Qualcomm engaged venTAJA to work on white papers on topics including 5G Advanced/6G, advanced driver assistance systems in connected vehicles and enterprise adoption of Windows on Arm and the Snapdragon mobile processor. The papers describe the company’s vision for those technologies along with real-world applications.

Vision, market drivers, and research directions on the path to 6G • Steering a revolution: Optimized automated driving with heterogeneous computeAlways On, Always Connected: Snapdragon-powered Windows PCs for Business

Qualcomm — Blog Posts

To build blog content around the themes of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and public health in smart cities, Qualcomm hired John White of venTAJA to describe wireless applications based on its technologies. The company’s systems-on-chip (SoCs) and intellectual property play a role in helping to minimize risks and promote safety.

Helping Businesses Navigate the New NormalBringing AI at the Edge to Smart Cameras on the IoT

Qualcomm – Corporate Communication

Qualcomm consistently places in Training Magazine’s Top 125 companies for employer-sponsored workforce training and development. Its Learning Center chose venTAJA to abstract information from dozens of departments, employee portals, course catalogs and internal reports, and to draft a competition entry (internal use only) to solidify its ranking.

QChat – Brochure and Web Content

When Qualcomm recreated the brochure for QChat, its push-to-talk mobile communication technology, it engaged venTAJA to pull together disparate materials and copy and harmonize them into a smooth-flowing sales enablement piece. From the same brochure copy, Qualcomm created a mini-site for QChat.

QChat Brochure and Web Content

Various Technology Companies – Blog Posts

For the corporate blogs of several technology clients, venTAJA contributes ideas for and helps draft posts on a variety of topics.

Qualcomm Developer NetworkQuest SoftwareAT&T Networking ExchangenComputingRightScale (Flexera)ServiceNowQualcomm OnQ

Qualcomm – Corporate Blog Post

The robot dress, conceived and produced in Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab and powered by the Snapdragon mobile processor, came to the attention of the company’s Corporate Marketing team. venTAJA worked on the corporate OnQ Blog post used to publicize the runway premiere of the dress.

“How powerful is your imagination? World premiere of the Robot Dress”

Qualcomm – Technical Article

At the outset of its LifeCOMM initiative, Qualcomm engaged venTAJA for a technical article on the business model and market opportunity in wireless healthcare and telemedicine. Interviewee Paul Hedtke describes the need for a value chain of providers wireless connecting the patient to different levels of health care professionals.

The Nurse Is In. (…Your Phone.) Wireless-enabled Health Condition Management

Qualcomm Developer Network – Blog Post

Most developers find out quickly that machine learning algorithms and frameworks perform slowly on the CPU, so they turn to the digital signal processor (DSP) for better performance. The Qualcomm Developer Network hired venTAJA to work on a series of blog posts describing how the Hexagon SDK eases the transition to programming machine learning applications on the DSP.

Use C++ in Your Machine Language Programming with Hexagon SDK 3.1