Qualcomm Developer Network – Blog Post

To smooth the path for engineers who are new to robotics, the Robotics RB3 platform incorporates the DragonBoard development platform. When an engineer from 96Boards used artificial intelligence to build a seeing, hearing robotic arm around the RB3, the Qualcomm Developer Network engaged venTAJA to adapt his series of blog posts and tell the story of how he did it.

Build a Seeing, Hearing Robotic Arm

Qualcomm Developer Network – Application Note

Qualcomm engineers heard from developers keen to accelerate matrix multiply (MM) operations for convolutional neural networks in their deep learning (DL) apps. The Qualcomm Developer Network engaged venTAJA to work on an application note as a series of blog posts about accelerating deep learning on Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU.

Matrix Multiply for Deep Learning on Adreno GPUs –

Part 1: OpenCL OptimizationPart 2: Host Code and Kernel

Qualcomm Developer Network – Learning Resources

As processor performance increases, developers can move more of the computational work of artificial intelligence (AI) from the cloud down to mobile devices. venTAJA worked on learning resources and blog posts for the Qualcomm Developer Network to introduce programmers to running workloads more efficiently among the CPU, GPU and DSP on mobile devices at the network edge.

Neural Processing learning resourcesOn-Device AI with Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing SDK