Qualcomm localizes the Web site for its BREW development platform in the languages of its most important developer communities. venTAJA managed the localization process and provided a written Q&A to Global by Design, a leading Web globalization resource, on the advantages and difficulties in creating and maintaining a global Web presence.

Global by Design Q&A

BREW Mobile Platform – Technical Documentation

Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform enabled developers to build apps for mobile devices. The engineering group engaged venTAJA to write technical documentation, including references and technology guides marked “Qualcomm Confidential and Proprietary,” for its audience of mobile application developers.

BREW Mobile Platform – Technology Overview

Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform allows developers to build apps for mobile devices. Since many of these apps have a worldwide audience, the company engaged venTAJA to write a technology overview (marked “Qualcomm Confidential and Proprietary”) that explains the technical aspects of localizing (translating) them for users in other languages.

Brew Mobile Platform – Technical Articles

In launching its Developer Network Web site, the Brew Mobile Platform
marketing team sought to reach two disparate audiences: developers
unfamiliar with Brew or programming in general who need an introduction
to the platform, and veteran developers ready to dive in and write
code. The team hired venTAJA to write content for both audiences,
including technical news articles for new developers, case
studies to spotlight successes, and What and Why descriptions
of new features and how developers can take advantage of them.

L&T Ports App to Brew Mobile PlatformWhat and Why – Remote Invocation