Stac – Technical Reviewer’s Guide

Stac’s VP of marketing wanted to provide chronically understaffed journalists and evaluation teams with all the data needed to understand his product’s advantages over competing products. He engaged venTAJA to flesh out these advantages, and the resulting technical reviewer’s guide helped guide evaluators to conclusions favorable to Stac’s technology.

Replica Reviewer’s Guide

Lindows – FAQ and Quick Start

LindowsOS is a desktop Linux that prides itself on ease of use. engaged venTAJA to write and lay out the procedures required for the most common tasks faced by new users. The result was a successful fusion of FAQ and Quick Start with step-by-step descriptions of what users could do with LindowsOS and how they could do it. The guide accompanied all copies of LindowsOS sold at retail.

QuickStart Guide

Nik Software – User Guide and Quick Start

Nik’s Dfine product reduces noise and optimizes detail in digital images. In updating the documentation, the product manager wrote a draft of the user guide and quick start guide, then asked venTAJA to edit the documents professionally and take them to their final, production versions.

Dfine 2 User Guide

Tanner EDA – Technical Article and Email

Tanner’s line of electronic design automation (EDA) products faces stiff competition from entrenched, high-end, high-priced tool sets. To help its growing user base continue to use its software while transparently taking advantage of industry-standard verification features in a competing product, Tanner developed a plug-in around the competing tool’s published interface. Tanner engaged venTAJA to write a technical article and email to announce the new product to its customers and the press.

Interoperability article