Qualcomm – Corporate Blog Post

The robot dress, conceived and produced in Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab and powered by the Snapdragon mobile processor, came to the attention of the company’s Corporate Marketing team. venTAJA worked on the corporate OnQ Blog post used to publicize the runway premiere of the dress.

“How powerful is your imagination? World premiere of the Robot Dress”

Qualcomm Developer Network – Blog Post

To smooth the path for engineers who are new to robotics, the Robotics RB3 platform incorporates the DragonBoard development platform. When an engineer from 96Boards used artificial intelligence to build a seeing, hearing robotic arm around the RB3, the Qualcomm Developer Network engaged venTAJA to adapt his series of blog posts and tell the story of how he did it.

Build a Seeing, Hearing Robotic Arm