FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) – White Paper

Hundreds of billions of health care dollars are wasted every year on too many tests, inefficient claims processing and premature discharge of patients. FICO engaged venTAJA to write a white paper on the application of its predictive analytics products in identifying patterns among millions of daily health care transactions.

Answering the Three Biggest Questions about Waste in Health Care Payments

Tarari – Case Studies

In its critical first two years, Tarari’s sales team faced the task of educating prospects on the benefits of accelerating high-performance computing applications. venTAJA wrote a series of “caselets” – brief, anonymous success stories describing real-world use cases of Tarari’s technology – including applications in life sciences and telecommunications.

Life Sciences caseletTelecom caselet

Nefsis – Articles, How-To’s and Application Stories

Nefsis combines the high quality of boardroom video conferencing products with the ease of use and SaaS-based collaboration tools of Web conferencing products. As the company ramped up its content effort for a product launch and public relations push, it engaged venTAJA to write technical articles, how-to’s, papers, customer success stories and positioning statements around the business advantages of using video conferencing.

When is HD not High Definition? (User Education)Sharing Media Files in a Video Conference (How-To)Video Conferencing and HIPAA (Technical Article)Understanding Video Conferencing Latency (White Paper)

ServiceNow – Customer Reference Stories

ServiceNow’s novel SaaS-based approach to IT service management (ITSM) has resonated with companies in pharmaceuticals, life sciences and medical devices. The company engaged venTAJA to conduct interviews and create Voice of the Customer success stories and case studies for use in lead generation, advertising, Web copy and blog posts.

Actelion Replaces Paper-based System with Service Catalog

Qualcomm – Technical Article

At the outset of its LifeCOMM initiative, Qualcomm engaged venTAJA for a technical article on the business model and market opportunity in wireless healthcare and telemedicine. Interviewee Paul Hedtke describes the need for a value chain of providers wireless connecting the patient to different levels of health care professionals.

The Nurse Is In. (…Your Phone.) Wireless-enabled Health Condition Management

Marco Ophthalmic – White Paper

To summarize and promote the results of a study among 12 optometry centers, Marco engaged venTAJA for a report highlighting the technical benefits of the increase in accuracy from implementing the ARK Autorefraction System. The paper also explained the business benefits, including practice growth and EMR (electronic medical records)

  Variable Pupil Size Measurement and Accuracy Study Results

D&K Engineering – Case Studies

D&K Engineering is an international product design and contract manufacturing services company. Its Marketing group engaged venTAJA to interview the lead engineers on several projects and create case studies illustrating the D&K approach to designing and building medical devices.

  Automated Specimen HandlingGait Training Rehabilitation System