Qualcomm localizes the Web site for its BREW development platform in the languages of its most important developer communities. venTAJA managed the localization process and provided a written Q&A to Global by Design, a leading Web globalization resource, on the advantages and difficulties in creating and maintaining a global Web presence.

Global by Design Q&A

Lionbridge Technologies – White Papers

A senior vice president at Lionbridge created a series of presentations on trends in translation/localization and delivered them at several conferences and webinars. As a way of making this valuable content available through even more channels, the marketing team engaged venTAJA to convert the presentations and webinars into thought-leadership white papers for broader audiences in the industry.

The Future of Localization – A Varied Spectrum of Service Models (excerpt)

Lionbridge Technologies – White Paper

Lionbridge has developed a following for its translation and localization services among finance, banking and insurance companies. To explain how they cater to these customers, they engaged venTAJA to write a business-benefit white paper that also detailed the company’s use of cloud computing and SaaS to follow the sun in the translation process.

Local Content, Global Control: Simplifying Translation in Insurance and Financial Services (excerpt)

Lionbridge Technologies – White Paper

Facing a spike in interest from manufacturing companies, Lionbridge engaged venTAJA to write a business-benefit white paper explaining how managers can fit the translation function into their already tight supply chains. The paper includes industry research, data and examples of how managers can use Lionbridge Web-based tools to mix manufacturing and translation successfully.

Translation and Manufacturing: How Managers Can Successfully Mix the Two (excerpt)

Lionbridge Technologies – White Papers

Language service provider Lionbridge teamed with LISA, the Localization Industry Standards Association, for a webinar on designing and localizing for the Chinese market. The presentation covered issues of business and infrastructure as well, so Lionbridge engaged venTAJA to capture the webinar as a pair of white papers.

  Doing Business in China: How Western Companies Develop their Strategy (excerpt)Doing Business in China: Designing and Localizing Websites for the Chinese Market (excerpt)

Remedy Corporation – FAQ

As Remedy’s consulting international product manager, John White of venTAJA condensed a wide variety of real-life scenarios and published the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. This document helped Remedy’s overseas sales organizations understand and demonstrate the company’s commitment to taking worldwide markets seriously.

International Product FAQ

Cogen SA – Newsletter Articles

To kick off its content marketing effort, Cogen engaged venTAJA to create localization newsletter articles. The content focused on the problems Cogen’s customers face, such as translation risk, simplified cost estimates and terminology management, and described the company’s services in terms of those problems. Newsletter open rates reached as high as 40%.

“When you manage your translations, are you also managing your terminology?”

CyraCom-Voiance – Technology Guide

CyraCom International/Voiance, the second-largest provider of over-the-phone interpreting in the U.S., has also developed a great deal of expertise in localizing eLearning projects, especially those based on XML content. They hired venTAJA to turn their knowledge into a technology guide to educate managers of Web, eLearning, documentation and software projects on the goals, practices and problems involved in localization.

Localizing eLearning Systems and Websites – A Manager’s Guide

BREW Mobile Platform – Technology Overview

Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform allows developers to build apps for mobile devices. Since many of these apps have a worldwide audience, the company engaged venTAJA to write a technology overview (marked “Qualcomm Confidential and Proprietary”) that explains the technical aspects of localizing (translating) them for users in other languages.

Lionbridge Technologies – White Papers

As Lionbridge’s sales team identified several industries of strategic interest, it needed persuasive marketing pieces to demonstrate its expertise in localization in those vertical markets. The company’s marketing team drew on venTAJA’s long experience in managing localization projects to commission a series of business-benefit white papers around the Lionbridge translation solution.

Translation in Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Leisure (HTTL) (excerpt)