Jones Lang LaSalle – Thought-Leadership Paper

Jones Lang LaSalle is a global financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate services and investment management. When a senior vice president in JLL’s consulting group launched a campaign around the notion of the “value manager,” she worked with venTAJA to articulate the concept in a thought-leadership paper published by Emerald Group. The resulting piece helped the company define the new role and explain how existing corporate real estate managers can become value managers.

Value Management: Raising Strategic Relevance of CRE

Lionbridge Technologies – White Paper

Lionbridge has developed a following for its translation and localization services among finance, banking and insurance companies. To explain how they cater to these customers, they engaged venTAJA to write a business-benefit white paper that also detailed the company’s use of cloud computing and SaaS to follow the sun in the translation process.

Local Content, Global Control: Simplifying Translation in Insurance and Financial Services (excerpt)

Intuitive Analytics – White Paper

While financial analysts and bond specialists spend much of their careers factoring risk into bond investments, Intuitive Analytics offers some of the first tools to marry risk management to bond structuring. They drafted a white paper describing a number of hypothetical case studies, including graphics and figures, then engaged venTAJA to edit the white paper, improving layout, readability, structure and flow.

Risk Management and Bond Structuring