Moog Industrial – Thought-Leadership White Paper

As part of a shift in focus towards broad, deep, partner-style engagements with its customers, Moog turned to venTAJA Marketing to perform hours of interviews and write a thought-leadership paper followed by a series of application-specific papers. The campaign generated leads among machine designers in power generation and flight simulation.

A Collaborative Approach to Motion Control Solutions

Tanner EDA – Application Note

Tanner EDA wanted to describe the nature of parasitic effects in analog IC design and the company’s technical approach to dealing with them. They engaged venTAJA to interview engineers and write application notes around their parasitic extraction tools.

Modeling Parasitics in Sub-Micron IC Designs

Lionbridge Technologies – White Paper

Facing a spike in interest from manufacturing companies, Lionbridge engaged venTAJA to write a business-benefit white paper explaining how managers can fit the translation function into their already tight supply chains. The paper includes industry research, data and examples of how managers can use Lionbridge Web-based tools to mix manufacturing and translation successfully.

Translation and Manufacturing: How Managers Can Successfully Mix the Two (excerpt)

D&K Engineering – Case Studies

D&K Engineering is an international product design and contract manufacturing services company. Its Marketing group engaged venTAJA to interview the lead engineers on several projects and create case studies illustrating the D&K approach to designing and building medical devices.

  Automated Specimen HandlingGait Training Rehabilitation System