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Before I had a blog on writing, I had one on localization project management. I gave it a pretty dull name, really – Localization Project Management Log – and when I decided to start a blog on my writing practice, I wanted something cooler.

I’ve long been fond of the pronouncement, “I’d rather have a bottle in front o’ me than a frontal lobotomy,” so one day when the muse kissed, I came up with

I’d rather have a writer I can live with than a liver I can write with

and christened the writing blog with it. After all, my objective here is to help marketing managers figure out how to live with their writers.

Of course, SEO can’t do much with a title like that, and it made for a pretty clunky header, so I went back to the drawing board and thought more pragmatically.

I asked myself, “What do marketing managers need to do before they need to figure out how live with a writer?”

They need to know how to hire one. From this ideation came the title

How to Hire a Writer

and I rather fancied that for a while. It fit the content better also, or so I thought, until one day I posted on branding or social media or something a wee bit afield from the strict interpretation of the title, and I received the comment, “What does this have to do with hiring a writer?” True enough, as I looked back a few posts, I was still targeting marketing managers, but I had broadened the scope to encompass content writ large.

Heeding my audience, I mulled over new names for the blog, but couldn’t come up with a better one for several months. Then, one day, when I was in a meeting paying no attention, the variety of content – white papers, blog posts, case studies, Web pages, press releases, brochures, data sheets, corporate backgrounders, conference presentations, technical articles, etc. – in any given company dawned on me as a topic of interest for most marketing managers. I wanted to refer to it as the Content Cafeteria, but after poking around the Web, I settled on

The Content Buffet

rechristened the blog, reserved the domain name and changed the header.

It’s not much better when it comes to SEO, and I’d still rather have a writer I can live with than a liver I can write with, but this is the direction in which the blog is going.

For the moment. Make me an offer at johnwhitepaper.com.

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