No Blog, Wimpy About-Us Page – Are You Hiding Something?

“Not getting around to” blogging or otherwise telling your story may be more than laziness. You’re losing more than traffic; you’re losing cred. Jason Cohen, a technology entrepreneur who’s not afraid to blog about his profession, extends all the sympathy you would expect of a Marine Corp drill sergeant to fellow entrepreneurs who can’t get […]

2 Ways that Writer’s Block Is Your Problem

Marketing managers depend on copywriters. Writer’s block is the bane of copywriters. What if marketing managers have something to do with writer’s block? I don’t like to make a lot of writer’s block, or whatever name you want to give to hitting a productivity wall. It isn’t that I don’t believe in it. It’s more […]

3 Ways to Help Your Writer Over the Hump

The blank page is a big obstacle almost every writer faces on almost every piece. You can play an important role in helping your writer over the hump, and get better writing in the bargain. Every piece that your marketing communications writer sends you started out as a cursor blinking on a completely empty screen. […]

When Graphics Get in the Way

Graphics and diagrams are at the heart of good marketing communications, but your writer can’t always make them work for a written piece. The deadline loomed, and still I had no more than an outline from the writer. “What’s taking so long?” I asked. “I think I have writer’s block,” replied the writer. “You don’t […]

“It’s Time to Feed the Blog Again”

It’s not easy to keep your content machine fed, is it? You’re finding out that providing valuable content to your readers really does take some work, doesn’t it? When you were a kid, responsible for the family dog, your mom would holler up the staircase, “Timmy! It’s time to feed the dog again!” You remember […]

Is Your Writer an Asset, or a Pain in the…

What are the five most annoying things your writer can do to you? Here’s a shortlist, happily unencumbered by research but underpinned by years of dealing with writers. Go dark. How about those writers who “run silent, run deep,” don’t return your calls or e-mail, and pop back onto radar when you least expect it? […]

When “Best Practice” is Not Best Practice

Further to this month’s post on a good turn of phrase, I thought about my son’s eighth-grade teacher, who decries the use of “dead words” and deducts points for them on his essays. I applauded that, though I’d never heard the term “dead words” before. I asked my son for more information. “Basically,” he said, […]

How to Get My (or Anybody’s) Business

I probably sounded a bit cranky in the note I sent that new writer. It wasn’t my intention, but it may have come off that way. She wrote: “I’m just now in the marketing phase of my freelance copywriting business. How can I get past the ‘no experience and small portfolio’ problem to even get […]

Recording Interviews for Marketing Content

What do your writers use for recording interviews? I suppose some writers have remarkable memories and can mentally capture everything they need to write up an article or paper. They’re a technical version of those waiters who can remember every detail of an order from a party of twelve – who wants their veal rare, […]

Tired of Writing Case Studies?

“Do you ever get tired of writing?” One writer has done several projects for us: three case studies, a white paper and a torrent of blog posts in the past few months. We were on a conference call to review a draft of the white paper the other day when I casually posed that question […]