Before You Start Your White Paper Project, Ask These Questions (Part 2 of 4)

This is part 2 of a series on your internal preparation for a white paper project. Second: Who is the ideal reader for this white paper? Get ready to dissect the persona. Too many companies underestimate the importance of this step in the white paper process—determining the ideal reader. When this step is skipped, the […]

Before You Start Your White Paper Project, Ask These Questions (Part 1 of 4)

This post is part 1 of a series on the homework you need to do before you start on a white paper project for your organization. First: What message do we want to convey? Have you ever painted anything: a door, a bedroom, a house? Did you keep track of your time? Did you notice […]

Hey, Can I Get Research with That White Paper?

A white paper without research is not much of a white paper. But how much research do you want in yours? What kind of research? Be sure your writer understands what you have in mind. If your task is to create a white paper that: puts your company and technology in a particular quadrant surveys […]

Write Your White Paper the Way Perry Mason Would

In every organization there are competing forces shaping your content. Beware of trying to make too many of them happy at the same time. I can’t stand “The Good Wife.” There’s too much skulduggery and backstabbing, but what’s worse is that there are always about four different plots and subplots competing for my attention span. […]

“I Can’t See Myself in Your White Paper” – 2 Quick Fixes

Your readers need to see themselves in the marketing content you publish. Otherwise, you’re a marketing manager just writing to hear yourself shout. You know those year-end letters you receive around the holidays from your friends and family members? The ones filled with all the valuable content and important details that pop into your Uncle […]

B2B White Paper Interviews – 7 Questions (Part 2)

Subject matter experts (SMEs) have the story in their heads. White papers help make that story readable, and these questions help build the paper. Continuing from the previous post on interviews and how to write them up into a white paper, here are 4 more customer interview questions for generating the information readers want to […]

B2B White Paper Interviews – 7 Questions (Part 1)

Subject matter experts (SMEs) have the story in their heads. White papers make that story readable, and customer interview questions help build the paper. “We want you to interview our SME, then write up the result into a paper we can use in our content marketing effort,” you say to the marketing communications writer. Sounds […]

“Why Should We Keep Putting Out White Papers?” Influence.

Veteran marketers may tend to become jaded about the value of white papers, but that’s unwise. For one thing, they’re still influential. For another, not everybody knows what they are. Eccolo Media has released its 2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report, covering 501 executives of US companies with influence on technology decisions. I want to mention […]

Beware the Statistical Rathole

Marketing communications copy lives and breathes statistics, the life-blood of persuasion. What if your client doesn’t want anything to do with them? “I’d like to cite some figures in this paper about adoption rates for this technology,” said the marketing communications writer. “Can we find data on how sales are rising from year to year?” […]

Show Your White Paper to an Industry Analyst

How many dozens of hours did you, your writer and your reviewers just pour into that white paper? One word from an analyst can pay big dividends. “There’s an industry analyst who knows our company and competitors very well,” said the marketing manager. “He’s pretty accessible, and he has the reputation for calling b.s. whenever […]