White Paper Projects That Don’t Go Well – Part I

Do you have any white paper projects in your files that didn’t go well? Mine fall into two categories, and I’ll post on the first one now. Don’t Go Well but Result in a Good White Paper These are like the basketball games in which you make mistakes, bad passes and poor shots, but you […]

A White Paper Project That Went Well

When you hire a writer to write a white paper, and the project goes well, what does that look like? Here’s how I describe it, based on the last time I did this. Beginning Andrew was confident. Not brash – just confident. It came across in his phone manner, in the e-mail we exchanged before […]

Learn Not to Say “No”

Are you old enough to remember how Crosby, Stills and Nash made such a splash? Critics and other musicians of the time had trouble comparing them to anybody else on the music scene in 1968, and could only refer to them as products of the groups from which they’d come (The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and […]

Are You Making This a Complex Sale?

When you hire a writer, do you make it a “complex sale”? An example of a complex sale is the purchase of equipment for building a space shuttle. Candidates for your business need to be ready for a long sales cycle, multiple decision-makers, plenty of competition and lots of review cycles. You can drag out […]