Feelings and White Papers – A Deadly Combination

Marketing communication managers shouldn’t worry about hurting their writers’ feelings. This is business. Stop and think: Have you ever said to a marketing communications writer, “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” If so, it’s very nice of you, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Marcomm writers don’t have feelings. That’s why they’re writers. A writer […]

How Many Languages Does Your Marketing Writer Know?

Looking for flexibility and verbal dexterity in a marketing communications writer? Find a polyglot. “By the way,” the creative director asked, “do you speak any foreign languages?” “Yes, I do. Why?” “Well, it’s not likely I’ll need you to write technology marketing content in anything but English, but I saw the name of your company […]

Is the Marketing Writer Up to It? Four Questions

A good marketing communications writer is versatile, but don’t push it. Everybody’s talent stops somewhere. How thin can you spread your marcomm writer? Can she do a good job on everything you need, like: white papers Web content technology overviews case studies press releases corporate backgrounders annual reports blog posts SEO copywriting (isn’t that redundant […]

3 Ways to Get Your Writer to Love Writing for You

Set your marketing communications writers up to give you perfect content. Have them write about what they love (that you sell). With Valentine’s Day still on our minds, it’s a good time to think about love, as in loving what you write about. Tom Chandler of the Copywriter Underground posted recently on Tom Gaylord, an […]

4 Things Better Than a Writer’s Résumé

While most job-seekers rely on a résumé to describe who they are and where they’ve been, professional marketing communications writers often prefer a marketing piece more akin to a brochure. Do you ever ask for a freelance writer’s résumé? What for? Most freelance writers don’t deal in résumés. In some large companies, the function of […]

5 Questions When Meeting Marketing Writers in the Wild

When you meet marketing communications writers in networking situations, here are 5 useful questions for qualifying them. Believe it or not, freelance marketing writers do get out in the wild from time to time, where, if you’re shopping for writers, you can hire them. You may encounter them at chamber of commerce meetings, industry get-togethers […]

5 Ways to Bring Your Marketing Writer In Closer

When you hire a marketing communications writer, do you ever ask for a little commitment along with the content? Sure, this is all work for hire, and a freelance writer won’t have the dedication to your company that a full-time employee will, but what’s wrong with asking for a little commitment? The Marketing Writer’s Commitment […]

Is Your Writer an Asset, or a Pain in the…

What are the five most annoying things your writer can do to you? Here’s a shortlist, happily unencumbered by research but underpinned by years of dealing with writers. Go dark. How about those writers who “run silent, run deep,” don’t return your calls or e-mail, and pop back onto radar when you least expect it? […]

“Be Ruthless. I’m a Writer.”

Have you ever had a writer say that to you? How did you respond? More to the point: How can you be ruthless in your feedback on a draft? I consider the line a good ice breaker. I’ve used it with marketing managers and engineers who appear uneasy about the process of judging my writing. […]

A Tainted Perspective – ‘taint Ours

We’ve been breathing our own exhaust/drinking our own KoolAid/eating our own dog food all this time. Our new writer hasn’t. Actually, that’s a good thing. Funny how several of us are quick to reject the writer’s tainted perspective on our products and specialties just because ‘taint ours.