How to Create an eBook in Less Than 20 Hours (Part 1 of 2)

An eBook is a relatively painless vehicle for content, especially when an article would be too short for the topic and a white paper would be too long. A few months ago I decided I needed to write an eBook. The term “eBook” (or “e-book”) applies to two very different items: an electronic version of […]

Requiem for a Guitarslinger

Jimi Hendrix died 40 years ago last week at the age of 27. Do you even want to imagine a 67-year-old Hendrix, if he’d survived this long? Three weeks ago, when I checked Electric Ladyland out of the public library, it was lost on me that this month was the anniversary of Hendrix’ death. The […]

What Are You Thinking About While You Read My White Paper?

Don’t you wish you could be inside your reader’s head as he reads your content? What text could you throw away? What text could you monetize? Active listening is difficult. In fact, it’s exhausting, especially if you’re new to it. Do you know people who practice active listening? You’d know if you did. They begin […]

Customer Mistakes – Blog about Them or Not?

Bloggers often learn from and post about mistakes. When it’s our customers who are making the mistakes, should we post on them? In the 1968 comedy The Odd Couple, Jack Lemmon plays Felix Ungar. At a dinner party, he mentions that he writes for TV news broadcasts. Doe-eyed neighbor Cecily Pigeon replies, “That sounds like […]

Ghost Blogging As If It Were Alec Baldwin

Ghost blogging backs up a recognized person with professional writing experience. Marketing communications writers may also need to tune the person’s voice. Is it blogging? “By the way,” the vice president of product development told me. “I want the posts to have a certain personality. They should sound as if Alec Baldwin wrote them.” Alec […]

Marketing Writing or Corporate Cheerleading?

What’s in your content: Marketing writing or corporate cheerleading? A parable for the marketing manager. A dear friend who does a lot of business writing once remarked, Compact, compelling copy that doesn’t fall into business jargon is tough.  So much of it is fake words strung together with cheerleading. I’ve mulled that over for a […]

Killing 3 Birds with 1 White Paper Abstract

White paper summaries or abstracts take time to write and to read. Are they worth it? They are if they help answer tough questions in a hurry. Do you rely on an abstract at the beginning of a white paper to tell you what you’re about to read? Do you think the readers of your […]

4 Ways to Get Your Story Out of the Content Tar Pit

Rescue your marketing communications content from the tar pit. Your readers can find it more easily and it will tell your story better. Around 1900, a few men standing near the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California, realized that there were animal bones in the tar. “What a find!” exclaimed the first. “We […]

Hire a Church That Understands Valuable Content

A parable: Valuable content and searchability are as important to religion as they are to your marketing communication. In our parish, believe it or not, we pay a fair amount of attention to Sunday sermons. You can become blasé about sermons pretty easily, but I’ve heard several of my friends begin conversations with “Did you […]

Is Your White Paper a Y.A.W.N.E.R.?

Your white papers are good incentive content. If you think nobody’s reading them, maybe it’s because the ideal readers cannot find them. It’s hard not to feel good about having a white paper to give prospects, even harder when you have an entire library of them. If well done, they demonstrate the willingness to align […]