Marketing Communications – Finding Your Voice Can Be This Simple

“Find your voice,” say the top bloggers. Some businesses don’t need to find it; it’s the only one they have, as in this example. Like most newspapers, the U-T San Diego is changing fast. The paper-based press has to move fast to keep up with the news cycle, and even faster to stay in business. […]

Social Media:1; Blogging: 0

Blogging takes work. Social media takes work, too. But it’s so much shinier and prettier that it’s becoming an easier case for marketing managers to make. A recent article in USA Today points to more companies quitting their blogging efforts in favor of Facebook and Twitter. Who can blame them? Blogging takes work. It’s like […]

Your Email Address Is Not Good Enough for Us.

Low-brow email addressees need not apply? What’s up with that? Some content owners have started getting fussy about the addresses their prospects give. My colleague, Merle Tenney, announced his upcoming presentation in a webinar some weeks back. It was sponsored by a content quality software company I’ll call Katzenjammer, just because I’ve been itching to […]

Nobody Cares About Your Products. Really.

Marketing managers are supposed to keep their heads on straight. Let other people drink the Kool-Aid; your job is to converse with customers, not bomb them with features and benefits. Nobody cares about your products or how cool they’ll be if they buy them. They care about their problems and whether they can trust you […]

“I Can’t See Myself in Your White Paper” – 2 Quick Fixes

Your readers need to see themselves in the marketing content you publish. Otherwise, you’re a marketing manager just writing to hear yourself shout. You know those year-end letters you receive around the holidays from your friends and family members? The ones filled with all the valuable content and important details that pop into your Uncle […]

Your Content is So Good that I Can’t Tell How You Make Money

Make your marketing content so valuable and so good that readers can’t tell how you make money. Here are three examples of a new kind of valuable content. What if you removed every trace of self-serving-ness from your marketing content? What if you filled your blog, white papers, newsletters and technical articles with content that […]

Six Reasons You Can’t Get Your Content Marketing to Work

Excuses, reasons, challenges, obstacles…call them what you will, they’re mosquitoes at your Content Buffet that hamper marketing efforts. Marketing managers: If you’re trying to understand content marketing, you need to follow these three sources: Marketing Charts – thought-provoking data and useful factoids served up daily Content Marketing Institute – most of what you need to […]

How to Make Your Readers Content with Your Content

Marketing managers don’t get paid to save money; they get paid to spend it well. In the push to get your content out there, make sure readers can be happy with it. Pamela Wilson published a report called “8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content.” It’s not about how to […]

Getting Your Content Thing Started – A Newsletter Article

Marketing managers battle a dozen dragons a week. Content often falls to the bottom of that list of dragons. “I’m glad you followed up,” said the VP of marketing, once I’d reached him by phone. “Thanks for keeping me on my toes about our technical content. We’ve decided that we need to spend some more […]

How to Create an eBook in Less Than 20 Hours (Part 2 of 2)

More on writing an eBook, a relatively painless content vehicle that lies somewhere between a presentation and a white paper. Resuming from last week’s post on creating an eBook, I had chosen Microsoft PowerPoint as an adequate application with which to build an adequate eBook. Start with a template… The usual design guidelines apply to […]