Document Properties in PDFs – More Dish

Continuing last week’s post, there’s dish to be found in the PDFs you receive from partners, customers, vendors and prospects. Here are some ideas on what to look for. In my last post on file properties in Microsoft Word docs, I described ways to interpret some of the metadata that lives in those files. As […]

File Properties in Microsoft Word Docs – All Kinds of Dish

Microsoft Office file properties are juicy bits of metadata. Content marketing managers do well to poke around in these file properties. The coolest thing about listening to records was the music. The second-coolest thing was the liner notes. Who wrote this tune? Who played bass? When did they record it? How long is it? Where […]

Good White Paper, Lousy Title – 3 Ways to Fix It

The title of your white paper is where you sell your idea to the prospective reader. Don’t blow your chance to make a good impression. Industry colleague Jonathan Kantor publishes a list of free white papers each week from his blog, White Paper Pundit. I’ve followed it the last few weeks, looking for interesting titles. […]