Wit in Corporate Writing? 3 Places to Try It, and Lots of Places to Avoid It

Before you try to write witty corporate or marketing content, know your ideal reader intimately. Otherwise, don’t even bother. Witty? Says who? Well, that’s really what it all gets down to, then, isn’t it? Who says your writing is witty? And who gives him/her the authority to judge it? “Give me a place to stand, […]

When “Best Practice” is Not Best Practice

Further to this month’s post on a good turn of phrase, I thought about my son’s eighth-grade teacher, who decries the use of “dead words” and deducts points for them on his essays. I applauded that, though I’d never heard the term “dead words” before. I asked my son for more information. “Basically,” he said, […]

“Flat” Is the New “Up”

Our operations manager was talking to the VP of marketing of a client about whom we had just written a case study. I was on the call because I had tried unsuccessfully for several months to get the VP to review and approve the draft of this case study that hadn’t gone all that well, […]