Case Study Questions: “Tell Me About…”

Case studies and customer success stories don’t just happen; your questions make them happen. Here are some ideas on new ways to draw out your interviewees. You’ve scheduled a phone interview with a customer who is willing to reference your products. You’ve sent along a list of questions on the topics you’ll be covering. Now […]

Case Studies and Your Prospect’s Head – 3 Takes

Marketing managers use case studies to explain how their products are used. What kind of ideas do your case studies plant in your prospect’s mind? How does your organization use case studies? Do you realize how potent a tool they can be in your Content Buffet? [Quick factoid in case you want to be convinced: […]

Drop the Confetti and Pick Up the Razor

Marketers are marketers and engineers are engineers. Maybe never the twain shall meet, but you have to try anyway. If every sentence of your marketing copy isn’t selling me on technical benefits or business benefits, why are you bothering to put it in front of me? Worse yet, if your copy is sprinkled with drivel […]

How to Make Your Readers Content with Your Content

Marketing managers don’t get paid to save money; they get paid to spend it well. In the push to get your content out there, make sure readers can be happy with it. Pamela Wilson published a report called “8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content.” It’s not about how to […]

No Blog, Wimpy About-Us Page – Are You Hiding Something?

“Not getting around to” blogging or otherwise telling your story may be more than laziness. You’re losing more than traffic; you’re losing cred. Jason Cohen, a technology entrepreneur who’s not afraid to blog about his profession, extends all the sympathy you would expect of a Marine Corp drill sergeant to fellow entrepreneurs who can’t get […]

Website? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Website*

Marketing without the Web? Who does that? Who can be profitable without generating content and hanging it out on the Internet? A lot of small businesses can. Can you imagine business life without a Web presence? How would you tell your story and do content marketing? How would new customers find you and existing customers […]

Facebook Fatigue, and What to Do about It

Every phenomenon reaches a point where everyone is gunning for it. Facebook’s time is here. Jessica Shieh reports in Marketing Profs that recent studies suggest the buzz around Facebook may be in the fast lane to diminuendo. For many of us, dizzied by the number and variety of social media channels in which to tell […]

Walk Down Your Marketing Writer’s Content Buffet

What else does your marketing communication writer write? You can learn plenty from it. Your Content Buffet is the smorgasbord of content you use to tell your organization’s story: case studies, white papers, newsletter content, blog posts, technical overviews, brochures and so forth. Consider that your marketing communication writers have their own Content Buffet. You […]

The White Paper Outline Buffet: The Transformation White Paper

Part 6 in a series of white paper outlines, each with a different structure and focus. Here, the outline for a white paper on your company’s complete transformation. Have you been with an organization long enough to remember: when things were a mess, and what everybody had to go through to make things run as […]

When White Papers Get Poisoned (and 3 Antidotes)

“White paper” covers a multitude of formats, and it’s rare to find two people who take it to mean the same thing. Poisoned white papers harm the publisher more than the reader, but there are antidotes. I’ve looked at a half-dozen documents called “white papers” in the last few days and marveled at the variety […]