Customer Mistakes – Blog about Them or Not?

Bloggers often learn from and post about mistakes. When it’s our customers who are making the mistakes, should we post on them? In the 1968 comedy The Odd Couple, Jack Lemmon plays Felix Ungar. At a dinner party, he mentions that he writes for TV news broadcasts. Doe-eyed neighbor Cecily Pigeon replies, “That sounds like […]

Your Online Marketing – Don’t Hide It from Your Employees

Online marketing campaigns may be obvious to marketers at one end and to customers at the other, but don’t forget to inform the employees in the middle as well. Companies are guiding what their employees are doing on line. How about letting employees know what the companies themselves are doing on line? Many organizations are […]

Steal This White Paper Outline!

The first step in writing a white paper is an outline, which acts as a skeleton that you flesh out with evidence and persuasion. My post last October, 4 Elements of a White Paper Outline, resulted in a large number of visits, so I’ll go into more detail in this post. As a matter of […]

Back to the Barre – Write Decent Web Pages

Social media has been front and center for most marketing managers this year. Don’t overlook basics, though: You still need decent marketing communications writing on your Web site. The folks at MarketingProfs do a magnificent job of conducting webinars and providing material for marketing managers. For about $200/year, you can have your fill of very […]

4 Places to Lead Your Writers

Most of your followers in social media are external, but don’t forget to build a following among your writers as well. As a marketing manager, your social media efforts are mostly outward-facing: start conversations with prospects, curry favor with journalists, keep existing customers engaged and inform investors. Have you tried using social media for internal […]

Hire a Writer Who Understands “Following”

At its core, the goal of a marketing effort these days is to create a following and start conversations that include you. Hire a writer who understands how you want to go about it. My friend and colleague John Bromhead is fond of saying, Marketing is the process of starting a conversation. David Meerman Scott […]

Social Media Still Needs Writers!

Social media marketing seems like smoke and mirrors, but when the smoke blows away and you take down the mirrors, you still need to hire a writer who can deliver valuable content. Social media marketing is an exercise in riding the tiger. The buzz is that the traditional, prescriptive notions of marketing don’t fit very […]

3 Ways to Make Your Subject Matter Experts Think

In a customer interview, your marketing communications writer can get more out of interviewees or subject matter experts if she can make them think. Years ago, my boss at the time, a VP of marketing, gave me the secret to working with our infuriating, inscrutable, mercurial CEO: You’ve got to make him think. Frankly, I […]

6 Social Media Business Channels

Hire a writer who understands that the social media business story is still warming up, and that it consists of several different channels. How is your business using social media in all its channels? More importantly, how are the people inside your business using them? I hope you are past the notion that this is […]

Thought Leadership, and Other Outdated Concepts

“We want to position ourselves as a thought leader,” your boss decides. “We need a white paper that will help set us apart from our competitors so that prospects and existing customers will really want to work with us.” It starts with The Event. Maybe you’ve undergone an internal transformation, and you now have a […]