This is why you’re a social media loser

[guest post originally published on Mark Schaefer’s blog] This week, I phoned my neighbor and favorite instructional designer, Gail Dana, to tell her about yet another social media presentation (YASMP) I’d seen advertised. “Gail, do you get social media?” I asked her, italicizing the verb. “Sort of,” she replied, “but I think it’s worthless. […]

Social Media:1; Blogging: 0

Blogging takes work. Social media takes work, too. But it’s so much shinier and prettier that it’s becoming an easier case for marketing managers to make. A recent article in USA Today points to more companies quitting their blogging efforts in favor of Facebook and Twitter. Who can blame them? Blogging takes work. It’s like […]

Marketing Writer + All Your Mailing Lists = Groupie

What do you use to prepare your marketing communications writers for a project? A creative brief? A phone call? Put them on your mailing lists and throw everything at them. If your writers were groupies – your groupies – would you like them less? If they’re delivering good content on time, then their groupie-hood should […]

Embedding a “Retweet This” Inside a PDF – More News

Embedding a “Retweet This” inside a PDF is a neat hack. Recent Twitter changes have affected it, though – yet again. If your Old Twitter retweet links aren’t working, here’s a solution. Have you embedded “Retweet This” in your PDFs? Perhaps you’d better go back and make sure that they’re still working. I’ve had to. […]

Internal Social Networks – Social Media with Training Wheels

Companies do themselves and their employees a favor by building internal social networks. Learning what is and is not kosher in house is better than learning it in the wide world. David Stockman. Remember him? He was Ronald Reagan’s budget director, and Atlantic Monthly interviewed him in 1981. He let a cat or two out […]

Embedding a “Retweet This” Inside a PDF

Embedding a “Retweet This” inside a PDF is a neat hack. Recent Twitter changes have affected it, though. If your Old Twitter retweet links aren’t working, here’s a solution. It’s rare that I post on the mechanics of content marketing, but I think this entry is overdue. Last year in Social Media Guide and Social […]

“You tweetin’ to me? Huh?”*

Whom are you addressing in your tweets? Can they tell you’re tweeting to them? Try addressing your audience in your tweets and micro-posts. When people look at a column of your tweets, can they tell who the intended audience is? When they land on your Facebook page, can they scan your posts and figure out […]

Too Much Content, Too Little Content

Confused about how frequently/infrequently to post your content in social media? You’re not alone. The data bear it out. Marketing managers tread the razor’s edge between sending followers too much content and sending them too little. Here’s research from Exact Target and CoTweet: The most frequently cited (44%) reason Facebook users give for “unliking” a […]

Statistics in Your Content – Make Sure They Stick

How are you using statistics in your content? Sparingly, I hope. Your readers can remember only so many numbers at a time. Make sure they stick. Industry colleague Renato Beninatto was improvising the answer to a question posed to him at a live presentation when he uttered the most memorable factoid I’ve ever heard: Keep […]

Facebook Fatigue, and What to Do about It

Every phenomenon reaches a point where everyone is gunning for it. Facebook’s time is here. Jessica Shieh reports in Marketing Profs that recent studies suggest the buzz around Facebook may be in the fast lane to diminuendo. For many of us, dizzied by the number and variety of social media channels in which to tell […]