Document Properties in PDFs – More Dish

Continuing last week’s post, there’s dish to be found in the PDFs you receive from partners, customers, vendors and prospects. Here are some ideas on what to look for. In my last post on file properties in Microsoft Word docs, I described ways to interpret some of the metadata that lives in those files. As […]

File Properties in Microsoft Word Docs – All Kinds of Dish

Microsoft Office file properties are juicy bits of metadata. Content marketing managers do well to poke around in these file properties. The coolest thing about listening to records was the music. The second-coolest thing was the liner notes. Who wrote this tune? Who played bass? When did they record it? How long is it? Where […]

3 Lessons on Cleaning Up Copy

“Cleaning up” copy is harder and more nebulous than it sounds. When you want your marketing communications writer to go over existing text, keep a few lessons in mind. Jean, a marketing manager for a new client, sent me a creative brief for some Web copy. As I was finishing the copy, she sent another […]

Your Marketing Writer Takes One Final Look

When you hire a marketing communications writer, her responsibilities should include a final, pre-publication look at the piece, just before the train leaves the station. Your responsibilities should should include giving her that opportunity. Marketing writers don’t write; they suggest. You don’t need to apologize for changes you make to drafts, but you owe it […]

White Paper Projects That Don’t Go Well – Part I

Do you have any white paper projects in your files that didn’t go well? Mine fall into two categories, and I’ll post on the first one now. Don’t Go Well but Result in a Good White Paper These are like the basketball games in which you make mistakes, bad passes and poor shots, but you […]

Caught in a Content-Bind with a Technical White Paper

A fellow marketing manager – let’s call her Matilda – was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock was her obligation to product managers to generate a technical white paper. The hard place was an engineering group with little confidence in her ability to come up with meaty content. This is not […]