“I Asked You For a Chainsaw. You Gave Me a Cuisinart.”

A marketing manager told me about a white paper gone awry. How many errors do you see in this chain of events? The VP of Marketing wanted a white paper and told the marketing manager what he wanted the title to be. The marketing manager called his regular copywriter and told him about the project. […]

White Paper Projects That Don’t Go Well – Part II

Continuing on the topic of white paper projects that didn’t go well, today I describe the second of two categories. Didn’t Go Well and Resulted in a Bad White Paper (or None at All) These situations are frustrating for everybody, and it’s hard to control the resulting damage. Warning signs: Wrong writer – Sometimes it’s […]

White Paper Projects That Don’t Go Well – Part I

Do you have any white paper projects in your files that didn’t go well? Mine fall into two categories, and I’ll post on the first one now. Don’t Go Well but Result in a Good White Paper These are like the basketball games in which you make mistakes, bad passes and poor shots, but you […]

The Big “E” of Review Loops

Review loops rarely go fast enough for me. I spend a lot of time reminding – “pestering” is a less compassionate way of putting it – reviewers to turn copy around, because writers need time to incorporate changes, and some reviewers forget that until the eleventh hour, then expect final copy in no time flat. […]

Happy Writer, Happy Client

Here’s the two-step essence to working successfully with your content marketing writer: #1 – Message. #2 – Review loop. Your homework, as a client who has bought yourself a writer, is to ensure you communicate #1 to your writer, and to keep #2 as tight as you can. I could go on – and I […]