Review Loops Made Easier – Part 2

What takes most of the time in getting content out the door? The review loops. Here are a few more ways to make review loops go as smoothly as possible. In my last post, I highlighted three ways to make review loops easier in your organization: Get all reviewers involved from the start. Ask your […]

Feelings and White Papers – A Deadly Combination

Marketing communication managers shouldn’t worry about hurting their writers’ feelings. This is business. Stop and think: Have you ever said to a marketing communications writer, “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” If so, it’s very nice of you, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Marcomm writers don’t have feelings. That’s why they’re writers. A writer […]

I Fought the Law(yers) and The Law(yers) Won

Corporate blogging is not all it’s cracked up to be. Legal review of your marketing content takes some of the fun out of it. But for a good reason. I don’t care what Google’s stock price is. They build an enterprise and reputation their way, and we build it our way. We’re not letting employees […]

How to Make Your Readers Content with Your Content

Marketing managers don’t get paid to save money; they get paid to spend it well. In the push to get your content out there, make sure readers can be happy with it. Pamela Wilson published a report called “8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content.” It’s not about how to […]

The White Paper Outline Buffet: The Revolutionary White Paper

Part 2 in a continuing series of white paper outlines, each with a different structure and focus. Here, an outline for white papers that guide readers through revolutionary change. This white paper outline is about The Revolution that your new ideas and technologies ignite in your customers’ organization. Suppose you want your prospects to: replace […]

The White Paper Outline Buffet: The Educational White Paper

Part 1 in a continuing series of white paper outlines, each with a different structure and focus. Here, an outline for white papers that educate readers on new technologies. If you’re writing a white paper for yourself, you can get away without writing an outline first, but if other people will approve the paper, you […]

Customer Interviews in the Content Buffet

Do you know how powerful customer interviews can be to your content buffet? Have you spent time collecting testimonials and endorsements from your clients? In its report, “Social Media 10 x 10,” Beeline Labs calls these “the one social strategy with 10x the value of any other social media tactic.” An eVoc Insights study found […]

Dear Editor/Writer: The Beginning is Awful, and the Rest is Even Worse

What kind of criticism do you give your editor-writer? What does he do with it? This paper starts out awful and goes downhill from there. I’ve never said that to a marketing writer, but it has a funny, ironical ring to it. I would chuckle as I clicked on “Send” to deliver news like that, […]

Why Are You Tinkering with (My) Perfection?

Do you ever feel this way? Have you ever hired a writer who felt this way? Worse yet, did somebody else in the writing process make this complaint? Sometimes it’s not just you and the writer and the subject matter expert working on your content. Sometimes an outside force like a PR agency or another […]

“Be Ruthless. I’m a Writer.”

Have you ever had a writer say that to you? How did you respond? More to the point: How can you be ruthless in your feedback on a draft? I consider the line a good ice breaker. I’ve used it with marketing managers and engineers who appear uneasy about the process of judging my writing. […]