3 Lessons on Cleaning Up Copy

“Cleaning up” copy is harder and more nebulous than it sounds. When you want your marketing communications writer to go over existing text, keep a few lessons in mind. Jean, a marketing manager for a new client, sent me a creative brief for some Web copy. As I was finishing the copy, she sent another […]

Walk Down Your Marketing Writer’s Content Buffet

What else does your marketing communication writer write? You can learn plenty from it. Your Content Buffet is the smorgasbord of content you use to tell your organization’s story: case studies, white papers, newsletter content, blog posts, technical overviews, brochures and so forth. Consider that your marketing communication writers have their own Content Buffet. You […]

Why Messaging Matters to Your Writers

Have you worked out your company’s messaging yet? How many different messages do you have? Have you shared them with your marketing communication writers? Better get on it. I was at lunch with three execs of a prospective client the other day. They want me to help them tell their story with new content, so […]

4 Reasons Why Written Comments Beat Oral Ones

Marketing communication writing projects live and die on review loops. Marketers like talking about what needs to be changed, but writers would rather see it in print. Bigglehole, our staff writer, would like to weigh in on this topic, and respectfully directs these four reasons to clients, in the spirit of delivering to them the […]

3 Ways to Get Your Writer to Love Writing for You

Set your marketing communications writers up to give you perfect content. Have them write about what they love (that you sell). With Valentine’s Day still on our minds, it’s a good time to think about love, as in loving what you write about. Tom Chandler of the Copywriter Underground posted recently on Tom Gaylord, an […]

Hire a Writer, Get a Project Manager in the Bargain

Even after you’ve hired the writer, writing projects don’t just happen. Somebody needs to move them along, and it’s usually your writer (if you’ve picked a good one). Nothing works because you want it to. You have to make the damned thing work. -Thomas Edison (I think) I saw that several years ago in a […]

Earning Your Customers’ Trust – Your Writer Can Help

Your marketing communications play a big role in earning your customers’ trust. Writers can help with this, but it’s not easy to get them to do so. With its 2010 Trust Barometer, the public relations firm Edelman reports that 83% of U.S. consumers value transparent and honest practices, and a company being a “company I […]

“Never Mind Fixing Our Sentences. Fix Our Story.”

The marketable story is always there. It’s easy for us to lose sight of the best way to tell our story, though. And if we lose sight of it, our ideal reader will certainly never be able to find it. Hire a marketing communications writer who can tell you to cut out all the bull […]

Forget the White Paper – Focus on the Change

Are you convinced that you need a white paper, because everybody has them? Don’t weld yourself to a single format for your story; think about other ways of telling it. Jay Baer has an excellent post this week on Info-Snacks, based on the notion of “atomizing” content, in the words of Todd Defren of Shift […]

4 Places to Lead Your Writers

Most of your followers in social media are external, but don’t forget to build a following among your writers as well. As a marketing manager, your social media efforts are mostly outward-facing: start conversations with prospects, curry favor with journalists, keep existing customers engaged and inform investors. Have you tried using social media for internal […]