Hey, Can I Get Research with That White Paper?

A white paper without research is not much of a white paper. But how much research do you want in yours? What kind of research? Be sure your writer understands what you have in mind. If your task is to create a white paper that: puts your company and technology in a particular quadrant surveys […]

Is Sales Running the White Paper Project? 3 Cautions

Some marketing teams let others in the organization run their own content projects. Here are three tips to keep them from getting out of hand. If your organization is large enough to have a Web content manager or a content editor, you’re probably moving a lot of copy around. Maybe your content policy allows people […]

Your Marketing Writer Is Working on Other People’s Content. Find Out What It Is.

Your marketing writers are valuable nodes in your network. Thinking about them that way pays off in making your own content broader and richer. On Monday, you phone your marketing communications writer to kick off a white paper on mobile game pricing. On Thursday, a marketing manager with a different company asks your writer to […]

Marketing Writer + All Your Mailing Lists = Groupie

What do you use to prepare your marketing communications writers for a project? A creative brief? A phone call? Put them on your mailing lists and throw everything at them. If your writers were groupies – your groupies – would you like them less? If they’re delivering good content on time, then their groupie-hood should […]

Feelings and White Papers – A Deadly Combination

Marketing communication managers shouldn’t worry about hurting their writers’ feelings. This is business. Stop and think: Have you ever said to a marketing communications writer, “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” If so, it’s very nice of you, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Marcomm writers don’t have feelings. That’s why they’re writers. A writer […]

How to Give Feedback on Marketing Content

Give your marketing communications writers feedback they can use. The more useful your input, the shorter the turnaround. And the smoother the dance. Consider the dance of the review loop. Please. For you, the marketing manager, the review loop is usually just a speed bump on the road to getting the piece published. You build […]

2 Ways that Writer’s Block Is Your Problem

Marketing managers depend on copywriters. Writer’s block is the bane of copywriters. What if marketing managers have something to do with writer’s block? I don’t like to make a lot of writer’s block, or whatever name you want to give to hitting a productivity wall. It isn’t that I don’t believe in it. It’s more […]

A Mr Kite Kind of Piece

News item: “Apple finally adds the Beatles music to iTunes.” A post about fantastic content that “just happens” to your writer. Every now and then, you look in awe at something your marketing communications writer has delivered. “This is fantastic,” you say. Your writer doesn’t disagree. She also doesn’t tell you that it took almost […]

That New Writer? Don’t Be Afraid to Start Out Small

Even when your content needs are enormous, you don’t need to start by taking a huge bite out of them. Start out small with a new writer. What happens when you take over the marketing reins in a mid-sized technology company? “There were a jillion case studies, blog posts, newsletter articles, white papers and collateral […]

Your Writer Is In Over His Head. Good.

Marketing communications writing involves risk, and your writer works on the edge of it. Your content is the big winner. When you assign a piece to your marketing communications writer – even a writer with whom you’ve worked before – are you certain she can do it? No, I mean really certain? Be honest with […]