4 Tips for Contributed Articles

Writing a contributed article, or byline: easy. Getting it to look in print the way you intended: not so easy. A few tips for marketing managers getting from A to Z. It’s like a bucket brigade, really – the path between the marketing communications writer and the finally posted content. The bucket starts out full, […]

Document Properties in PDFs – More Dish

Continuing last week’s post, there’s dish to be found in the PDFs you receive from partners, customers, vendors and prospects. Here are some ideas on what to look for. In my last post on file properties in Microsoft Word docs, I described ways to interpret some of the metadata that lives in those files. As […]

File Properties in Microsoft Word Docs – All Kinds of Dish

Microsoft Office file properties are juicy bits of metadata. Content marketing managers do well to poke around in these file properties. The coolest thing about listening to records was the music. The second-coolest thing was the liner notes. Who wrote this tune? Who played bass? When did they record it? How long is it? Where […]

Free Yourself from Content Marketing? Some Businesses Manage To.

Don’t you get tired of fretting about content marketing? Don’t you envy businesses that can somehow do without it? I’ve spent a decade or more in content marketing, helping clients refine and tell their story with case studies, white papers, newsletter articles and Web content. I’ve been helping them demonstrate that they understand their customers’ […]

I Fought the Law(yers) and The Law(yers) Won

Corporate blogging is not all it’s cracked up to be. Legal review of your marketing content takes some of the fun out of it. But for a good reason. I don’t care what Google’s stock price is. They build an enterprise and reputation their way, and we build it our way. We’re not letting employees […]

How to Make Your Readers Content with Your Content

Marketing managers don’t get paid to save money; they get paid to spend it well. In the push to get your content out there, make sure readers can be happy with it. Pamela Wilson published a report called “8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content.” It’s not about how to […]

“Now that You Have Their Attention, What Are You Going to Tell Them?”

Content marketing is an exercise in keeping plates spinning. Not only do you need to keep your readers’ attention, but you also need to feed their appetite for content. Josh Shipp, the motivational speaker behind HeyJosh.com, freely describes his rough upbringing as a foster child. Realizing that he was adept at grabbing his classmates’ attention […]

Good White Paper, Lousy Title – 3 Ways to Fix It

The title of your white paper is where you sell your idea to the prospective reader. Don’t blow your chance to make a good impression. Industry colleague Jonathan Kantor publishes a list of free white papers each week from his blog, White Paper Pundit. I’ve followed it the last few weeks, looking for interesting titles. […]

Q: When is a White Paper Not a White Paper?

A: When you’re clever enough to get leverage from the content in other formats and forums. I was pleased to see that client Xiam Technologies was making excellent (re-)use of their white paper, “Make It Easy on Me – 3 Ways Operators Can Use Personalization To Give Customers What They Want On The Mobile Internet,” […]

3 Ways to Make Small Marketing Pieces Work

Re-purposing content is part of the art of marketing. Have your marketing communications writer convert big-bite content into multiple smaller pieces and put them into different channels. “We have a white paper, but it’s too long for this day and age.” Of course, the engineer or executive who wrote the paper doesn’t think that, but […]