Tools for Killer Content: Pen and Paper?

Can handwriting help your content marketing? What if your marketing communications pieces started out in longhand? Do you write anything in longhand anymore? Does your marketing communications writer? Could be something to it. Freelance writer Lexi Rodrigo posted a list of her favorite copywriting tools, among which are pen and paper. She writes: When you […]

3 Questions Marketing Copywriters Should Never Stop Asking

Marketing communication writers need more than features and benefits to write effectively. Ask these three questions early and often in the writing process. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Let’s hope it doesn’t take you 21 clients to remember to ask a few important questions at the beginning of each marketing communications writing […]

3 Lessons on Cleaning Up Copy

“Cleaning up” copy is harder and more nebulous than it sounds. When you want your marketing communications writer to go over existing text, keep a few lessons in mind. Jean, a marketing manager for a new client, sent me a creative brief for some Web copy. As I was finishing the copy, she sent another […]

3 Tips on Creating Your eBook

Marketing managers looking for a new content vehicle should create an eBook, halfway between the brochure and the white paper. Here are 3 tips on creating an eBook. Have you created eBooks as part of your content marketing mix? It’s a relatively new category, still evolving. eBooks are the spoonful of sugar that makes the […]

The White Paper Outline Buffet: The Revolutionary White Paper

Part 2 in a continuing series of white paper outlines, each with a different structure and focus. Here, an outline for white papers that guide readers through revolutionary change. This white paper outline is about The Revolution that your new ideas and technologies ignite in your customers’ organization. Suppose you want your prospects to: replace […]

The White Paper Outline Buffet: The Educational White Paper

Part 1 in a continuing series of white paper outlines, each with a different structure and focus. Here, an outline for white papers that educate readers on new technologies. If you’re writing a white paper for yourself, you can get away without writing an outline first, but if other people will approve the paper, you […]

Customer Mistakes – Blog about Them or Not?

Bloggers often learn from and post about mistakes. When it’s our customers who are making the mistakes, should we post on them? In the 1968 comedy The Odd Couple, Jack Lemmon plays Felix Ungar. At a dinner party, he mentions that he writes for TV news broadcasts. Doe-eyed neighbor Cecily Pigeon replies, “That sounds like […]

4 Reasons Why Written Comments Beat Oral Ones

Marketing communication writing projects live and die on review loops. Marketers like talking about what needs to be changed, but writers would rather see it in print. Bigglehole, our staff writer, would like to weigh in on this topic, and respectfully directs these four reasons to clients, in the spirit of delivering to them the […]

“Which Problems Do You Solve for Your Customers?”

Marketing communications writers try to tell the story of the company that hires them. We should focus on customer problems instead. Most of the time, I like David Meerman Scott of WebInkNow renown, and agree with what he has to say. I think he has come to “believe his own stuff” and go on a […]

When White Papers Get Poisoned (and 3 Antidotes)

“White paper” covers a multitude of formats, and it’s rare to find two people who take it to mean the same thing. Poisoned white papers harm the publisher more than the reader, but there are antidotes. I’ve looked at a half-dozen documents called “white papers” in the last few days and marveled at the variety […]