Write Your White Paper the Way Perry Mason Would

In every organization there are competing forces shaping your content. Beware of trying to make too many of them happy at the same time. I can’t stand “The Good Wife.” There’s too much skulduggery and backstabbing, but what’s worse is that there are always about four different plots and subplots competing for my attention span. […]

3 Ways to Personalize Your “About Us” Page

Of all the pages on your organization’s site, About Us is probably the windiest. If you really want visitors to know something about you, be smarter than that. Do you ever look at the About Us pages of other organizations? Have you ever seen a good one? What if you put some real thought into […]

“I Can’t See Myself in Your White Paper” – 2 Quick Fixes

Your readers need to see themselves in the marketing content you publish. Otherwise, you’re a marketing manager just writing to hear yourself shout. You know those year-end letters you receive around the holidays from your friends and family members? The ones filled with all the valuable content and important details that pop into your Uncle […]

B2B White Paper Interviews – 7 Questions (Part 2)

Subject matter experts (SMEs) have the story in their heads. White papers help make that story readable, and these questions help build the paper. Continuing from the previous post on interviews and how to write them up into a white paper, here are 4 more customer interview questions for generating the information readers want to […]

B2B White Paper Interviews – 7 Questions (Part 1)

Subject matter experts (SMEs) have the story in their heads. White papers make that story readable, and customer interview questions help build the paper. “We want you to interview our SME, then write up the result into a paper we can use in our content marketing effort,” you say to the marketing communications writer. Sounds […]

That Fatal First Sentence

Good marketing communications writers nudge readers toward discomfort in the first sentence. It’s too important to waste on lousy copy. If you want people to read your content, you have to first open the door and shake them out of their e-torpor. Your opening sentences need to nudge them away from their sleepy existence, toward […]

No Time to Create Great Content? Choose Good Content

Marketing managers don’t always have the time, writing skills or resources for great content. Don’t wait for the ideal; get something decent out there. “But I’m not much of a writer,” you moan. “How am I supposed to get a content marketing campaign going without spending a jillion dollars on great content?” That’s true. Great […]

How to Give Feedback on Marketing Content

Give your marketing communications writers feedback they can use. The more useful your input, the shorter the turnaround. And the smoother the dance. Consider the dance of the review loop. Please. For you, the marketing manager, the review loop is usually just a speed bump on the road to getting the piece published. You build […]

2 Ways that Writer’s Block Is Your Problem

Marketing managers depend on copywriters. Writer’s block is the bane of copywriters. What if marketing managers have something to do with writer’s block? I don’t like to make a lot of writer’s block, or whatever name you want to give to hitting a productivity wall. It isn’t that I don’t believe in it. It’s more […]

Customer Interviewing – Some Basics

Interviewing customers for case studies and success stories is the marketing writer’s stock in trade. Some ideas on getting the most out of it. The case study or customer success story is to your Website what a recommendation is to your LinkedIn profile: an excellent addition to your trophy case. But it’s a long road […]