How to Create an eBook in Less Than 20 Hours (Part 2 of 2)

More on writing an eBook, a relatively painless content vehicle that lies somewhere between a presentation and a white paper. Resuming from last week’s post on creating an eBook, I had chosen Microsoft PowerPoint as an adequate application with which to build an adequate eBook. Start with a template… The usual design guidelines apply to […]

3 Reasons to Throw Away Your PowerPoint

There is an art to writing slide decks that support your presentation, and an art to presenting without a slide deck. Hire a writer who can help you with both. Have you ever seen a slide deck get in the way of a presentation? Your own presentation, perhaps? You’re standing in front of forty people […]

“It’s a Good Outline, But I Hate It.” – Making Outlines Work

You and your marketing communications writer should agree on an outline for larger projects. It’s helpful for business purposes, but sometimes it’s a creative pothole. Have you ever watched somebody hang a picture or organize a workbench in a way that worked, but was alien to you? “It would never have occurred to me to […]

3 Ways to Make Small Marketing Pieces Work

Re-purposing content is part of the art of marketing. Have your marketing communications writer convert big-bite content into multiple smaller pieces and put them into different channels. “We have a white paper, but it’s too long for this day and age.” Of course, the engineer or executive who wrote the paper doesn’t think that, but […]

Breathing life into a bag of bullets

Corporate life is one slide deck after another. The success of a marketing manager is often measured by how well we design, organize and circulate them. There’s no denying, though, that most slide decks – pardon me for avoiding the trademarked term, “P****P***t,” from the company in Redmond – are pretty dry. There’s also no […]