If Ringo Can Do It, Maybe You Can Too

Another post on the advent of the Beatles to the iTunes catalog. Irony in a press release? Why not? Using wit in corporate writing is a double-edged sword. It’s a tough balancing act, especially for organizations and marketing writers with no track record of humor. Still, I’m looking at the announcements about the advent of […]

Ghost Blogging As If It Were Alec Baldwin

Ghost blogging backs up a recognized person with professional writing experience. Marketing communications writers may also need to tune the person’s voice. Is it blogging? “By the way,” the vice president of product development told me. “I want the posts to have a certain personality. They should sound as if Alec Baldwin wrote them.” Alec […]

Giving the Readers Value

The engineering manager, the marketing communications manager and I all agree that the content we post on the developer network web site needs to be “valuable”. That’s a Web 2.0 commandment, particularly for an audience as hype-averse as software developers. However, we’re having trouble agreeing on what constitutes “valuable” content. And we haven’t figured out […]

Persona(lity) non grata

Creative brief checklist item #8: Put some ketchup on those fries. “Ketchup on fries” is the fast-food equivalent of putting personality in your writing. Does your company want that or not? On which pieces? White papers and position papers are notoriously devoid of personality. “Get the facts down, persuade the reader to see things in […]