When Your Email Marketing Misfires – The Abuse-Abyss

E-mail marketing is hit or miss. Sometimes you miss, and this is what it looks like. Most marketing managers in small and medium-sized companies use an e-mail service provider like Constant Contact, MailChimp, emailr or AWeber. These services offer remarkable power, sometimes for free. But remember: “With great power comes great responsibility.” You’re always treading […]

“You tweetin’ to me? Huh?”*

Whom are you addressing in your tweets? Can they tell you’re tweeting to them? Try addressing your audience in your tweets and micro-posts. When people look at a column of your tweets, can they tell who the intended audience is? When they land on your Facebook page, can they scan your posts and figure out […]

Too Much Content, Too Little Content

Confused about how frequently/infrequently to post your content in social media? You’re not alone. The data bear it out. Marketing managers tread the razor’s edge between sending followers too much content and sending them too little. Here’s research from Exact Target and CoTweet: The most frequently cited (44%) reason Facebook users give for “unliking” a […]

Social Media Still Needs Writers!

Social media marketing seems like smoke and mirrors, but when the smoke blows away and you take down the mirrors, you still need to hire a writer who can deliver valuable content. Social media marketing is an exercise in riding the tiger. The buzz is that the traditional, prescriptive notions of marketing don’t fit very […]

6 Social Media Business Channels

Hire a writer who understands that the social media business story is still warming up, and that it consists of several different channels. How is your business using social media in all its channels? More importantly, how are the people inside your business using them? I hope you are past the notion that this is […]

Search Engine Optimized or Ideal Reader Optimized?

“Search engine optimization” is the mantra of the day. You’re nowhere if you’re not on page one of the search engine results for the keywords your customers are using, and an entire cottage industry – SEO copywriting – is growing around optimizing your content for search engines. What about optimizing your content for your Ideal […]

“It’s Time to Feed the Blog Again”

It’s not easy to keep your content machine fed, is it? You’re finding out that providing valuable content to your readers really does take some work, doesn’t it? When you were a kid, responsible for the family dog, your mom would holler up the staircase, “Timmy! It’s time to feed the dog again!” You remember […]

Social Media Engineering??

“When it comes to social media marketing, engineering companies will be the last to get it,” said Mike Stelzner of WhitePaperSource renown, as we chatted about the space. Are you trying to nudge your engineering company into social media? Are you having trouble getting the engineers to go along with you? Whaddya mean by that? […]

Too eSmart by Half

All that effort you’re plowing into your online marketing strategy? Time to think about it extra carefully, especially if your prospects are small-to-medium-size businesses (SMBs). Research published by Bredin Business Information suggests that, while you and your e-marketing squad are employing newer and fancier bits to start conversations, your SMB targets may in fact prefer […]