“Business Will Come Back When…

…we get some products that people want to buy.” Oh. Yeah. Let’s work on that, shall we? Charles Kettering, inventor of the electric car-starter, founder of Delco and head of GM’s research labs until 1947, made this observation in a Depression-era speech to a group of advertising executives. Later in the speech he said, “Research […]

“She does what she says she’ll do.”

What’s the best recommendation  you’ve ever given for a writer (or any colleague, for that matter)? If I ask you for a recommendation on Claudia, what do I want to hear most of all? I want to hear, “She does good work, and I’ll guarantee it.” You can go on and on with lots of […]

Happy Writer, Happy Client

1) Message. 2) Review loop. Your homework, as a client who has bought yourself a writer, is to ensure you communicate (1) to your writer, and to keep (2) as tight as you can. I could go on – and I shall do in subsequent posts – but that’s enough homework for now.