Social Media:1; Blogging: 0

Blogging takes work. Social media takes work, too. But it’s so much shinier and prettier that it’s becoming an easier case for marketing managers to make. A recent article in USA Today points to more companies quitting their blogging efforts in favor of Facebook and Twitter. Who can blame them? Blogging takes work. It’s like […]

Show Your White Paper to an Industry Analyst

How many dozens of hours did you, your writer and your reviewers just pour into that white paper? One word from an analyst can pay big dividends. “There’s an industry analyst who knows our company and competitors very well,” said the marketing manager. “He’s pretty accessible, and he has the reputation for calling b.s. whenever […]

Why Messaging Matters to Your Writers

Have you worked out your company’s messaging yet? How many different messages do you have? Have you shared them with your marketing communication writers? Better get on it. I was at lunch with three execs of a prospective client the other day. They want me to help them tell their story with new content, so […]

Put “I Promise” in Your Content

“Marketing communications” and “I promise” don’t always fit in the same thought, but they should. Once you make the commitment to your customers, your marketing communications writer can convey it. There’s nothing more discouraging than a broken promise, and nothing more encouraging than an honored one. Which one do you want to make to your […]

4 Places to Lead Your Writers

Most of your followers in social media are external, but don’t forget to build a following among your writers as well. As a marketing manager, your social media efforts are mostly outward-facing: start conversations with prospects, curry favor with journalists, keep existing customers engaged and inform investors. Have you tried using social media for internal […]

4 Elements of a White Paper Outline

White papers – or any long pieces – need structure, and you need to agree on the structure before you write the paper. Be sure your writer includes these elements in an outline. How often do you get started down a path in your work, only to realize you have to backtrack and go down […]

3 Ways to Help Your Marketing Writer Put Out Great Content

Half the art to getting found on the Web involves putting out great content. Your marketing communications writer needs to know this and produce accordingly. A post at Problogger this week extols the virtues of linking to other content on the Web:  Linking reinforces the relationships – both human and digital – that make the […]

A Tainted Perspective – ‘taint Ours

We’ve been breathing our own exhaust/drinking our own KoolAid/eating our own dog food all this time. Our new writer hasn’t. Actually, that’s a good thing. Funny how several of us are quick to reject the writer’s tainted perspective on our products and specialties just because ‘taint ours.

We Have the Writer. Now What?

“We want some marketing materials. How do we do this?” Let’s assume that you’ve hired the writer, or that he has hired you. What next? Target Reader The first thing we need to discuss with the writer is your target reader: Whose attention do you want to get, and what floats that person’s boat? Some […]

The Big “E” of Review Loops

Review loops rarely go fast enough for me. I spend a lot of time reminding – “pestering” is a less compassionate way of putting it – reviewers to turn copy around, because writers need time to incorporate changes, and some reviewers forget that until the eleventh hour, then expect final copy in no time flat. […]