Facebook Takes Over Genealogy?

Well, “takes over” might be pushing it. But I think Facebook will add a remarkable new dimension to the way our kids and grandkids tell family stories about us. See the guest-post “How Will You Be Remembered on Facebook?” at Mark Schaefer’s {grow} businesses blog.

College Freshmen and Stress

NY Times article by Tamar Lewin, January 26, 2011: The emotional health of college freshmen — who feel buffeted by the recession and stressed by the pressures of high school — has declined to the lowest level since an annual survey of incoming students started collecting data 25 years ago. This story has stuck in […]

On the 40th Anniversary of “We Blew It”

(This doesn’t explain much about hiring a writer, but it’s good blogging hygiene to post off-topic every now and again.) Focused on nothing but the fortune stashed in the gas tank of his motorcycle and the brass ring of retirement in Florida, Dennis Hopper’s “Billy” character in the 1969 classic Easy Rider crows, “Wow, man, […]