“Why Should We Keep Putting Out White Papers?” Influence.

Veteran marketers may tend to become jaded about the value of white papers, but that’s unwise. For one thing, they’re still influential. For another, not everybody knows what they are. Eccolo Media has released its 2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report, covering 501 executives of US companies with influence on technology decisions. I want to mention […]

White Paper Blues – When Execs Want to Help

You can’t fault an exec for wanting to get involved in creating your marketing content. But you should handle it delicately. “So I have good news and bad news,” the director of marketing started off. Just when I thought we were out of the tunnel on this campaign… “The good news is that we’ve shown […]

I Fought the Law(yers) and The Law(yers) Won

Corporate blogging is not all it’s cracked up to be. Legal review of your marketing content takes some of the fun out of it. But for a good reason. I don’t care what Google’s stock price is. They build an enterprise and reputation their way, and we build it our way. We’re not letting employees […]

Beware the Statistical Rathole

Marketing communications copy lives and breathes statistics, the life-blood of persuasion. What if your client doesn’t want anything to do with them? “I’d like to cite some figures in this paper about adoption rates for this technology,” said the marketing communications writer. “Can we find data on how sales are rising from year to year?” […]

When Your Email Marketing Misfires – The Abuse-Abyss

E-mail marketing is hit or miss. Sometimes you miss, and this is what it looks like. Most marketing managers in small and medium-sized companies use an e-mail service provider like Constant Contact, MailChimp, emailr or AWeber. These services offer remarkable power, sometimes for free. But remember: “With great power comes great responsibility.” You’re always treading […]

No Time to Create Great Content? Choose Good Content

Marketing managers don’t always have the time, writing skills or resources for great content. Don’t wait for the ideal; get something decent out there. “But I’m not much of a writer,” you moan. “How am I supposed to get a content marketing campaign going without spending a jillion dollars on great content?” That’s true. Great […]

How to Give Feedback on Marketing Content

Give your marketing communications writers feedback they can use. The more useful your input, the shorter the turnaround. And the smoother the dance. Consider the dance of the review loop. Please. For you, the marketing manager, the review loop is usually just a speed bump on the road to getting the piece published. You build […]

What Should and Shouldn’t Go into Your White Paper

What are you going to put into that white paper you’re planning? Don’t fill it with garbage or you’ll annoy your readers and lose their trust. It’s easy to confuse “we need to write a white paper” with “we need to tell more people about us.” Wise marketing managers are able to discriminate between these […]

Sandbagging the Marketing Communications Writer

When it rains, it pours. Freelance writers have peaks and troughs in their workloads, just like you. There’s something about spring that prompts marketing managers in technology companies to generate as much content as possible in as little time as possible. The marcomm writer’s workload spikes wildly. It might have to do with abruptly awaking […]

Turning Webinars into Searchable Text

Webinars take time and money. Here’s how to get the most of each out of yours, and get search engine clout in the bargain. Webinars, videos, customer interviews, conference proceedings, panel discussions…marketing managers expend a lot of sweat in setting these events up, and they deserve to reap sweat equity from all that effort. How […]