Review Loops Made Easier – Part 1

Review loops cause most of the delay when you’re trying to get content out the door. Here are few ways to make review loops go more smoothly. On most content projects – white papers, case studies, contributed articles, blog posts, etc. – it’s the marketing manager who ends up getting the squeeze during content reviews. […]

Get My Attention in 20 Seconds. The Motown Way.

Tell your readers what they want to know, and do it fast. Here’s how Motown did it. “Now, if you were hungry and had only one dollar, would you buy this record or a hot dog?” In the early days of Motown Records, Berry Gordy Jr. would pose this question to his employees in their […]

Social Media:1; Blogging: 0

Blogging takes work. Social media takes work, too. But it’s so much shinier and prettier that it’s becoming an easier case for marketing managers to make. A recent article in USA Today points to more companies quitting their blogging efforts in favor of Facebook and Twitter. Who can blame them? Blogging takes work. It’s like […]

Marketing Mangers: Make Up Your Own Job Title

What’s in a marketing manager’s job title? Did you invent your title? Which title would you pick, if you could? From PR Web comes a thought-provoking post, “Newest Member of Marketing Team Tasked with Creating Her Own Job Title.” Marketing new-hire Meg Strobel monitors DiamondNexus’ social media presence and creates new content for the company’s […]

Your Marketing Writer Is Working on Other People’s Content. Find Out What It Is.

Your marketing writers are valuable nodes in your network. Thinking about them that way pays off in making your own content broader and richer. On Monday, you phone your marketing communications writer to kick off a white paper on mobile game pricing. On Thursday, a marketing manager with a different company asks your writer to […]

4 Tips for Contributed Articles

Writing a contributed article, or byline: easy. Getting it to look in print the way you intended: not so easy. A few tips for marketing managers getting from A to Z. It’s like a bucket brigade, really – the path between the marketing communications writer and the finally posted content. The bucket starts out full, […]

3 Ways to Personalize Your “About Us” Page

Of all the pages on your organization’s site, About Us is probably the windiest. If you really want visitors to know something about you, be smarter than that. Do you ever look at the About Us pages of other organizations? Have you ever seen a good one? What if you put some real thought into […]

Six Reasons You Can’t Get Your Content Marketing to Work

Excuses, reasons, challenges, obstacles…call them what you will, they’re mosquitoes at your Content Buffet that hamper marketing efforts. Marketing managers: If you’re trying to understand content marketing, you need to follow these three sources: Marketing Charts – thought-provoking data and useful factoids served up daily Content Marketing Institute – most of what you need to […]

Before You Load It into the Email Cannon, Read It!

When your marketing copy ends up in unintended places, make sure it doesn’t embarrass you. If it’s not good enough to be caught anywhere, it shouldn’t be your copy. I subscribe to Fierce Wireless. Every day, they send me a free newsletter with wireless industry news. Big names – Cisco, Ericsson, AT&T, Nokia – sponsor […]

A Japanese Take on Content Marketing

Marketing communication managers grow long-lived bodies of content like white papers, case studies and blog posts. What if time didn’t matter in content marketing? Consider a Japanese approach to content marketing in which the content disappears after about a day. What can you learn from that? American content marketer extraordinaire David Meerman Scott wrote a […]