6 Social Media Business Channels

Hire a writer who understands that the social media business story is still warming up, and that it consists of several different channels. How is your business using social media in all its channels? More importantly, how are the people inside your business using them? I hope you are past the notion that this is […]

Thought Leadership, and Other Outdated Concepts

“We want to position ourselves as a thought leader,” your boss decides. “We need a white paper that will help set us apart from our competitors so that prospects and existing customers will really want to work with us.” It starts with The Event. Maybe you’ve undergone an internal transformation, and you now have a […]

The Content Buffet

Have you ever had too much content? It’s a good problem, isn’t it? Like having too much champagne in the wine cellar, or an infinitely empty stomach at an all-you-can-eat buffet. What does a Content Buffet look like? Let’s say you have a recent, huge win: a landmark new customer a long-held strategic goal reached […]

“Give me what I want, not what I ask for.”

If you learn nothing else here about hiring a writer, keep this in mind: Projects live and die on how well you communicate to the writer what you want, and on how well the writer demonstrates that he understands you. But what happens when you don’t know what you want, or when you ask for […]

Marketing = Starting the Conversation

When you’re sitting at the dinner table with your aunt and uncle, and they ask you what you do for a living, how do you explain what it means to work in marketing? Few people outside of the discipline understand marketing, though most of their perspectives fall into a few buckets: “Marketing is advertising.” Actually, […]