Marketing Mangers: Make Up Your Own Job Title

What’s in a marketing manager’s job title? Did you invent your title? Which title would you pick, if you could? From PR Web comes a thought-provoking post, “Newest Member of Marketing Team Tasked with Creating Her Own Job Title.” Marketing new-hire Meg Strobel monitors DiamondNexus’ social media presence and creates new content for the company’s […]

Nobody Cares About Your Products. Really.

Marketing managers are supposed to keep their heads on straight. Let other people drink the Kool-Aid; your job is to converse with customers, not bomb them with features and benefits. Nobody cares about your products or how cool they’ll be if they buy them. They care about their problems and whether they can trust you […]

Beware the Statistical Rathole

Marketing communications copy lives and breathes statistics, the life-blood of persuasion. What if your client doesn’t want anything to do with them? “I’d like to cite some figures in this paper about adoption rates for this technology,” said the marketing communications writer. “Can we find data on how sales are rising from year to year?” […]

Marketing Manager vs. Entrepreneur-exhaust

Entrepreneurs breathe their own exhaust. Marketing managers ask the audience what it thinks and try to keep entrepreneur-exhaust from poisoning it. The DEMO Innovation Tour came to town last week and held a reception at the office of one of the sponsors. Plenty of entrepreneurs were there, and their enthusiasm was palpable. In fact, it […]

Content Marketing – “How Hard Could It Be?”

Content marketing doesn’t happen automatically; marketing managers almost always need to jump through hoops to make the effort worthwhile. A recent Hubspot article called “5 Common Content Marketing Challenges” mentioned lack of time, lack of experience, lack of readership, lack of results and lack of organizational support as primary reasons for not being able to […]

Marketing Communications Content that Makes Friends for You

Facebook’s “friend” metaphor takes on new meaning in marketing communications. Use your marketing content to make friends. My friend and former business partner John Bromhead has often maintained that the purpose of marketing is to start a conversation. It’s easy to grasp that concept, especially when you’re trying to explain the difference between marketing and […]

Marketing Writing or Corporate Cheerleading?

What’s in your content: Marketing writing or corporate cheerleading? A parable for the marketing manager. A dear friend who does a lot of business writing once remarked, Compact, compelling copy that doesn’t fall into business jargon is tough.  So much of it is fake words strung together with cheerleading. I’ve mulled that over for a […]

Put “I Promise” in Your Content

“Marketing communications” and “I promise” don’t always fit in the same thought, but they should. Once you make the commitment to your customers, your marketing communications writer can convey it. There’s nothing more discouraging than a broken promise, and nothing more encouraging than an honored one. Which one do you want to make to your […]

Hire a Writer Who Understands “Following”

At its core, the goal of a marketing effort these days is to create a following and start conversations that include you. Hire a writer who understands how you want to go about it. My friend and colleague John Bromhead is fond of saying, Marketing is the process of starting a conversation. David Meerman Scott […]

“Hey, Marketing Manager. Tell Me a Story.”

  People won’t read all the way through your 250-word press release, but they will read your 1000-word story. Can your marketing communications writer deliver a story for you?     Susan Straight, professor of creative writing at University of California at Riverside, posted an editorial in the Los Angeles Times: Over the years, some […]