Review Loops Made Easier – Part 1

Review loops cause most of the delay when you’re trying to get content out the door. Here are few ways to make review loops go more smoothly. On most content projects – white papers, case studies, contributed articles, blog posts, etc. – it’s the marketing manager who ends up getting the squeeze during content reviews. […]

Hey, Can I Get Research with That White Paper?

A white paper without research is not much of a white paper. But how much research do you want in yours? What kind of research? Be sure your writer understands what you have in mind. If your task is to create a white paper that: puts your company and technology in a particular quadrant surveys […]

White Paper Blues – When Execs Want to Help

You can’t fault an exec for wanting to get involved in creating your marketing content. But you should handle it delicately. “So I have good news and bad news,” the director of marketing started off. Just when I thought we were out of the tunnel on this campaign… “The good news is that we’ve shown […]

I Fought the Law(yers) and The Law(yers) Won

Corporate blogging is not all it’s cracked up to be. Legal review of your marketing content takes some of the fun out of it. But for a good reason. I don’t care what Google’s stock price is. They build an enterprise and reputation their way, and we build it our way. We’re not letting employees […]

That New Writer? Don’t Be Afraid to Start Out Small

Even when your content needs are enormous, you don’t need to start by taking a huge bite out of them. Start out small with a new writer. What happens when you take over the marketing reins in a mid-sized technology company? “There were a jillion case studies, blog posts, newsletter articles, white papers and collateral […]

Your Writer Is In Over His Head. Good.

Marketing communications writing involves risk, and your writer works on the edge of it. Your content is the big winner. When you assign a piece to your marketing communications writer – even a writer with whom you’ve worked before – are you certain she can do it? No, I mean really certain? Be honest with […]

3 Lessons on Cleaning Up Copy

“Cleaning up” copy is harder and more nebulous than it sounds. When you want your marketing communications writer to go over existing text, keep a few lessons in mind. Jean, a marketing manager for a new client, sent me a creative brief for some Web copy. As I was finishing the copy, she sent another […]

4 Reasons Why Written Comments Beat Oral Ones

Marketing communication writing projects live and die on review loops. Marketers like talking about what needs to be changed, but writers would rather see it in print. Bigglehole, our staff writer, would like to weigh in on this topic, and respectfully directs these four reasons to clients, in the spirit of delivering to them the […]

Hire a Writer, Get a Project Manager in the Bargain

Even after you’ve hired the writer, writing projects don’t just happen. Somebody needs to move them along, and it’s usually your writer (if you’ve picked a good one). Nothing works because you want it to. You have to make the damned thing work. -Thomas Edison (I think) I saw that several years ago in a […]

4 Elements of a White Paper Outline

White papers – or any long pieces – need structure, and you need to agree on the structure before you write the paper. Be sure your writer includes these elements in an outline. How often do you get started down a path in your work, only to realize you have to backtrack and go down […]