Document Properties in PDFs – More Dish

Continuing last week’s post, there’s dish to be found in the PDFs you receive from partners, customers, vendors and prospects. Here are some ideas on what to look for. In my last post on file properties in Microsoft Word docs, I described ways to interpret some of the metadata that lives in those files. As […]

File Properties in Microsoft Word Docs – All Kinds of Dish

Microsoft Office file properties are juicy bits of metadata. Content marketing managers do well to poke around in these file properties. The coolest thing about listening to records was the music. The second-coolest thing was the liner notes. Who wrote this tune? Who played bass? When did they record it? How long is it? Where […]

3 Questions Marketing Copywriters Should Never Stop Asking

Marketing communication writers need more than features and benefits to write effectively. Ask these three questions early and often in the writing process. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Let’s hope it doesn’t take you 21 clients to remember to ask a few important questions at the beginning of each marketing communications writing […]

3 Ways to Avoid Being a Keyword Basket Case

Your keyword basket contains the terms people use most frequently to find you. Be sure to share it with your marketing communications writers. Have you spent time and/or money researching the terms that people use to find your blog and Website, your “keyword basket?” Do you realize that you can pump these terms into the […]

Good White Paper, Lousy Title – 3 Ways to Fix It

The title of your white paper is where you sell your idea to the prospective reader. Don’t blow your chance to make a good impression. Industry colleague Jonathan Kantor publishes a list of free white papers each week from his blog, White Paper Pundit. I’ve followed it the last few weeks, looking for interesting titles. […]

3 Ways to Help Your Marketing Writer Put Out Great Content

Half the art to getting found on the Web involves putting out great content. Your marketing communications writer needs to know this and produce accordingly. A post at Problogger this week extols the virtues of linking to other content on the Web:  Linking reinforces the relationships – both human and digital – that make the […]

Social Media Still Needs Writers!

Social media marketing seems like smoke and mirrors, but when the smoke blows away and you take down the mirrors, you still need to hire a writer who can deliver valuable content. Social media marketing is an exercise in riding the tiger. The buzz is that the traditional, prescriptive notions of marketing don’t fit very […]

3 Ways to Make Your Subject Matter Experts Think

In a customer interview, your marketing communications writer can get more out of interviewees or subject matter experts if she can make them think. Years ago, my boss at the time, a VP of marketing, gave me the secret to working with our infuriating, inscrutable, mercurial CEO: You’ve got to make him think. Frankly, I […]

5 Ways to Bring Your Marketing Writer In Closer

When you hire a marketing communications writer, do you ever ask for a little commitment along with the content? Sure, this is all work for hire, and a freelance writer won’t have the dedication to your company that a full-time employee will, but what’s wrong with asking for a little commitment? The Marketing Writer’s Commitment […]

6 Social Media Business Channels

Hire a writer who understands that the social media business story is still warming up, and that it consists of several different channels. How is your business using social media in all its channels? More importantly, how are the people inside your business using them? I hope you are past the notion that this is […]