A Case Study That Didn’t Go Well

“We need you to interview the VP of marketing at Zog Systems and write up a case study on how they use our software tools,” said the product manager. To me. “But if you want a technical case study, why interview the VP of marketing?” “He’s the interview we can get. Make it work.” Now, […]

A Case Study That Went Well

Do you use case studies in your marketing? Have you had good luck in creating them? Are they capturing eyeballs? I’ll cut to the chase: Interviewing and writing up a customer success story or case study goes well when the customer contact is a clever person, and when the writer, if need be, can get […]

Preparing the SME

When you hire a writer to interview a subject matter expert (SME) or a customer, you have a bit of work to do on both sides of the relationship. Tell the writer about the interviewee’s specialty and personal characteristics, the kinds of information to elicit, and what you want out of the interview. If I […]