How Many Languages Does Your Marketing Writer Know?

Looking for flexibility and verbal dexterity in a marketing communications writer? Find a polyglot. “By the way,” the creative director asked, “do you speak any foreign languages?” “Yes, I do. Why?” “Well, it’s not likely I’ll need you to write technology marketing content in anything but English, but I saw the name of your company […]

That New Writer? Don’t Be Afraid to Start Out Small

Even when your content needs are enormous, you don’t need to start by taking a huge bite out of them. Start out small with a new writer. What happens when you take over the marketing reins in a mid-sized technology company? “There were a jillion case studies, blog posts, newsletter articles, white papers and collateral […]

Is the Marketing Writer Up to It? Four Questions

A good marketing communications writer is versatile, but don’t push it. Everybody’s talent stops somewhere. How thin can you spread your marcomm writer? Can she do a good job on everything you need, like: white papers Web content technology overviews case studies press releases corporate backgrounders annual reports blog posts SEO copywriting (isn’t that redundant […]

Earning Your Customers’ Trust – Your Writer Can Help

Your marketing communications play a big role in earning your customers’ trust. Writers can help with this, but it’s not easy to get them to do so. With its 2010 Trust Barometer, the public relations firm Edelman reports that 83% of U.S. consumers value transparent and honest practices, and a company being a “company I […]

3 Networking Do’s for Writers

Marketing managers are often looking to hire new writers, but they don’t like being assailed by them in networking situations. A few words to the wise marketing communications writer. I’m pleased to be attending a networking mixer for the San Diego chapter of the American Marketing Association this evening, which will combine a presentation by […]

“Hey, Marketing Manager. Tell Me a Story.”

  People won’t read all the way through your 250-word press release, but they will read your 1000-word story. Can your marketing communications writer deliver a story for you?     Susan Straight, professor of creative writing at University of California at Riverside, posted an editorial in the Los Angeles Times: Over the years, some […]

4 Things Better Than a Writer’s Résumé

While most job-seekers rely on a résumé to describe who they are and where they’ve been, professional marketing communications writers often prefer a marketing piece more akin to a brochure. Do you ever ask for a freelance writer’s résumé? What for? Most freelance writers don’t deal in résumés. In some large companies, the function of […]

5 Business Instruments Your Marketing Writer Should Have

When you hire a marketing communications writer, you’ll need to put some paperwork in place. Professional writers have these items ready and are prepared to send them promptly. “Send me a contract,” you tell the marketing communications writer, once you’ve decided you like the cut of his jib. It should be a bit more granular […]

5 Questions When Meeting Marketing Writers in the Wild

When you meet marketing communications writers in networking situations, here are 5 useful questions for qualifying them. Believe it or not, freelance marketing writers do get out in the wild from time to time, where, if you’re shopping for writers, you can hire them. You may encounter them at chamber of commerce meetings, industry get-togethers […]

Is Your Writer a Goldmine or a Landmine?

Goldmine: thinks about your content and sends you a bag of suggestions gives you freebies does what she says she’ll do asks to be on your newsletter distribution lists Landmine: goes talking to people in your organization when he shouldn’t overwrites or ignores your changes never really seems to understand your industry or technology How […]