Facebook Takes Over Genealogy?

Well, “takes over” might be pushing it. But I think Facebook will add a remarkable new dimension to the way our kids and grandkids tell family stories about us. See the guest-post “How Will You Be Remembered on Facebook?” at Mark Schaefer’s {grow} businesses blog.

3 Ways to Help Your Writer Over the Hump

The blank page is a big obstacle almost every writer faces on almost every piece. You can play an important role in helping your writer over the hump, and get better writing in the bargain. Every piece that your marketing communications writer sends you started out as a cursor blinking on a completely empty screen. […]

4 Elements of a White Paper Outline

White papers – or any long pieces – need structure, and you need to agree on the structure before you write the paper. Be sure your writer includes these elements in an outline. How often do you get started down a path in your work, only to realize you have to backtrack and go down […]

Hire a Writer Who Understands “Following”

At its core, the goal of a marketing effort these days is to create a following and start conversations that include you. Hire a writer who understands how you want to go about it. My friend and colleague John Bromhead is fond of saying, Marketing is the process of starting a conversation. David Meerman Scott […]