Your Email Address Is Not Good Enough for Us.

Low-brow email addressees need not apply? What’s up with that? Some content owners have started getting fussy about the addresses their prospects give. My colleague, Merle Tenney, announced his upcoming presentation in a webinar some weeks back. It was sponsored by a content quality software company I’ll call Katzenjammer, just because I’ve been itching to […]

When is a White Paper Not a White Paper? When It’s a Playbook

Marketing communication managers don’t need to call everything a white paper. In fact, they often do better to give that designation a rest. From MarketingProfs comes this post about the YouTube Creator Playbook for planning, posting and maintaining video on the site. Have a look at it to see what they mean by “playbook.” It’s […]

Marketing Communications Content that Makes Friends for You

Facebook’s “friend” metaphor takes on new meaning in marketing communications. Use your marketing content to make friends. My friend and former business partner John Bromhead has often maintained that the purpose of marketing is to start a conversation. It’s easy to grasp that concept, especially when you’re trying to explain the difference between marketing and […]

Q: When is a White Paper Not a White Paper?

A: When you’re clever enough to get leverage from the content in other formats and forums. I was pleased to see that client Xiam Technologies was making excellent (re-)use of their white paper, “Make It Easy on Me – 3 Ways Operators Can Use Personalization To Give Customers What They Want On The Mobile Internet,” […]

White Paper Projects That Don’t Go Well – Part III

I’ve described white paper projects that don’t go well due to problems in the process of writing. Even with a flawless paper, the project can falter due to problems in publishing the paper. Let it die on the vine – There is always a bit more work you need to do once the authors, reviewers […]

If You Want to Hang On, Let Go (of Your Marketing Content)

I had a progressive roommate in San Francisco (is there any other kind?) who introduced me to the title concept. “The only way to hang on is to let go,” she intoned, in her sharpest new-age accent. Are you ready to do that with your marketing content? Are you ready to tell your boss that […]