3 Ways to Get Your Writer to Love Writing for You

Set your marketing communications writers up to give you perfect content. Have them write about what they love (that you sell). With Valentine’s Day still on our minds, it’s a good time to think about love, as in loving what you write about. Tom Chandler of the Copywriter Underground posted recently on Tom Gaylord, an […]

5 Questions When Meeting Marketing Writers in the Wild

When you meet marketing communications writers in networking situations, here are 5 useful questions for qualifying them. Believe it or not, freelance marketing writers do get out in the wild from time to time, where, if you’re shopping for writers, you can hire them. You may encounter them at chamber of commerce meetings, industry get-togethers […]

5 Ways to Bring Your Marketing Writer In Closer

When you hire a marketing communications writer, do you ever ask for a little commitment along with the content? Sure, this is all work for hire, and a freelance writer won’t have the dedication to your company that a full-time employee will, but what’s wrong with asking for a little commitment? The Marketing Writer’s Commitment […]

White Paper Projects That Don’t Go Well – Part II

Continuing on the topic of white paper projects that didn’t go well, today I describe the second of two categories. Didn’t Go Well and Resulted in a Bad White Paper (or None at All) These situations are frustrating for everybody, and it’s hard to control the resulting damage. Warning signs: Wrong writer – Sometimes it’s […]

Type or Dial? The Jobs Are in the Phone

“People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold to.” I’ve come across this several times since hearing Renato Beninatto of Common Sense Advisory pronounce it at a localization conference several years ago. It’s an important piece of information for writers who approach me peddling their services. Web 2.0 pundits drone on about […]

How to Get My (or Anybody’s) Business

I probably sounded a bit cranky in the note I sent that new writer. It wasn’t my intention, but it may have come off that way. She wrote: “I’m just now in the marketing phase of my freelance copywriting business. How can I get past the ‘no experience and small portfolio’ problem to even get […]

Real Freelancers Don’t Choke

I’m in the market for a Web developer for an upcoming project. A well-meaning contact pointed me to a former colleague of hers who has a full-time job as a Web designer/developer. After about 45 seconds it was obvious to me that this person knew plenty about Web design and maybe a little about Web […]