Marketing Communications Nirvana: One-Sentence Pitches

Elevator speeches, About Us pages, press release boilerplate and LinkedIn profiles are your chance to describe what you do in one sentence. Can you pull that off? Quick – What does your company do? Did it take you more than one sentence to answer that question? It probably did. Now suppose you were an entrepreneur […]

Marketing Writing or Corporate Cheerleading?

What’s in your content: Marketing writing or corporate cheerleading? A parable for the marketing manager. A dear friend who does a lot of business writing once remarked, Compact, compelling copy that doesn’t fall into business jargon is tough.  So much of it is fake words strung together with cheerleading. I’ve mulled that over for a […]

Meat or Muffins? Be Sure the Writer Knows

The writer did what we told him to do when we hired him. “Write a series of technical articles to help evangelize the technology,” we said, “two to three pages each. They should introduce developers and customers to the new features they can use in programming on the platform. We need to get the word […]

When “Best Practice” is Not Best Practice

Further to this month’s post on a good turn of phrase, I thought about my son’s eighth-grade teacher, who decries the use of “dead words” and deducts points for them on his essays. I applauded that, though I’d never heard the term “dead words” before. I asked my son for more information. “Basically,” he said, […]

To persuade or not to persuade…

…that is the difference between a technical writer and a technical marketing writer. Figure out which one you want before you award the project. One of our engineering directors has funded a series of news articles on a technology platform we’re rolling out. (Actually, a marketing manager is funding it, but the engineering director got […]

“Fluff in Our Technical Content? Impossible.”

We’re writing an ongoing series of technical content for a software client. The content marketing writer is in this for the long haul. He even signed a one-year contract. He knows the client and the client knows him, and it’s a good fit. It has taken longer than anticipated to crank out the articles, but […]