Endorsing Your Writer

As the economy continues to stagnate and people invest more time in their online search for work, are you getting more requests lately for endorsements and recommendations? How do you handle them? Several of our writers have contacted me recently for endorsements. I don’t mind giving them, even if they take this cookie-cutter form: “Hi […]

Can’t Use the Client’s Name

Sound familiar? You desperately want to tell the galaxy that your product or service has just saved Reuters or Deutsche Bank or Unilever $35 jillion. But it’s not allowed. Your client: doesn’t grant endorsements or permit vendors to use its name in success stories; won’t do a joint press release with you, or allow you […]

“She does what she says she’ll do.”

What’s the best recommendation  you’ve ever given for a writer (or any colleague, for that matter)? If I ask you for a recommendation on Claudia, what do I want to hear most of all? I want to hear, “She does good work, and I’ll guarantee it.” You can go on and on with lots of […]