How to Create an eBook in Less Than 20 Hours (Part 2 of 2)

More on writing an eBook, a relatively painless content vehicle that lies somewhere between a presentation and a white paper. Resuming from last week’s post on creating an eBook, I had chosen Microsoft PowerPoint as an adequate application with which to build an adequate eBook. Start with a template… The usual design guidelines apply to […]

How to Create an eBook in Less Than 20 Hours (Part 1 of 2)

An eBook is a relatively painless vehicle for content, especially when an article would be too short for the topic and a white paper would be too long. A few months ago I decided I needed to write an eBook. The term “eBook” (or “e-book”) applies to two very different items: an electronic version of […]

3 Tips on Creating Your eBook

Marketing managers looking for a new content vehicle should create an eBook, halfway between the brochure and the white paper. Here are 3 tips on creating an eBook. Have you created eBooks as part of your content marketing mix? It’s a relatively new category, still evolving. eBooks are the spoonful of sugar that makes the […]